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Jason Rybka

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Jason Rybka has been covering the video games industry for About.com since July of 2005 and has many years of experience reporting video game and emerging technologies on the Internet for more than a decade. Jason is also well versed in the more technical aspects of how gamers can exploit many of the games they play to gain competitive edge over the competition.


In addition to his work at About.com, Jason Rybka is an active member of the video games community in general, currently contributing material to several other such video game media outlets.

Jason has contributed editorial material to other gaming sites as well, such as Xbox.com and various types of video game fan sites.

It is his ferocious desire to help the community get the most out of the games they purchase that drives his passion here at About.com's Video Game Cheats web site, formerly referred to as Video Game Strategies.


Education in video games can be measured in real world experience.

This area at Xbox.com highlights some of the contributions Jason and his team have contributed to Xbox.com over the past years. Many of the articles found here highlight appropriate video games for younger gamers.

Jason has been the owner and Chief Editor at Xbox Solutions since its conception in 2002. Jason regularly contributes video game and product reviews in addition to editorial commentary on the video game industry and technology trends.

A fairly new venture for Jason, Gadgets & Video Games was created in late 2007 in order to expand his coverage to converge two key areas, Video Games and Gadgets into one site. Up to this point however, the site has not been fully launched.

Other credits include several sites that are no longer in operation, such as PSP Solution, and Xbox FAQs. These sites were shut down due to lack of time and resources.

By Jason Rybka:

I can't remember a time in my life where video games were not a big part of it. I can still recall working on game altering code patches to help gamers (and myself of course) get through some of the toughest PlayStation games with ease.

I've lightened up on personally creating code, however, since I feel I can help more people overall highlighting the best resources on the Internet for help with your games, and including as much of that information in one central location here at About.com's Video Game Cheats.

Want to learn more? Would you like to contact me directly? Follow me on Twitter.


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    Some of the material that was submitted to Xbox.com by Jason and his team from Xbox Solutions.
  • Xbox Solutions
    Xbox Solutions is a community for gamers, created by Jason Rybka in 2002.

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