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Basic Gaming Tips and Tricks

General game play related tactics and methods that any gamer can utilize in most games, regardless of platform.

Fighters - A Basic Guide to Fighting Games on Consoles and PC
Video Game Strategies - A Basic Guide to Fighting Games on Consoles and PC - Basic Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Fighting Style in Video Games.

Football Video Games 101 - A Guide to Football Video Games Basics
Football Basics 101 - A Guide to Football Video Games Basics. Learn the Basics of Football Video Games. Includes resources for beginner video game football players as well as a forward looking advanced set of football guides.

Football Video Games 201 – Learning the more Advanced Football Game Plays
Mastering the more advanced plays in football video games. Running plays, defense, using players as weapons, two point conversion and long yardage field goals in football video games explained in Football Video Games 201, the follow up to Football Video Games 101.

Light-Gun Basic for PlayStation 2 Light Gun Compatible Games
The basics of being an effective shooter with light gun games for the PS2.

Links 2004 Xbox Tips and Tricks
The Basics of Mastering Links

How Well Do You Know Your Video Games - Name That Game!
Let's see how much you really know about video games. In this collection About.com writers and About.com visitors to the Video Game Cheats web site upload screenshots, provides a few key details about the screenhot (or fan fiction art, pre-game concept artwork, etc.) and the rest of the community guesses the name of the game from a list of...See submissions

Mobile Cheats
Cheats and codes for mobile video game systems such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy, and the Sony PSP.

Racing Games Basics - A Beginners Guide to Mastering any Racing Game
Racing Games Basics - A Beginners Guide to Mastering any Racing Game

Rock Band Hints and Tips (pro Rock Band hints and tips)
This page contains useful hints and tips for the Rock Band series of video games. These tips should help Rock Band gamers of all levels learn to play Rock Band better. Need to improve your Rock Band skills? Take a look at these specially selected hints and tips. Also includes links to the About.com Rock Band hub, which features all things Rock Band, including cheat codes, hints, tips, tricks, song lists and more.

Shooters - A Guide to Video Game Shooters - Be the Best You Can Be!
Get the Skinny on the Basics of Video Game Shooters

Video Game Cheats and Codes Index

Cheat codes index for the Video Game Cheats web site at About.com. Here you will find pc cheats, console cheats and cheats for handheld video game systems. Cheat codes are organized alphabetically by console or platform and include the following systems - PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintedo Wii, DS, Sony PSP and others. Codes for cheat devices are included within the same index.

Why Do You Use Cheat Codes in Video Games?
Why do you use cheats in video games? Or, why don't you?

Why Use Cheat Codes?
The use of cheats and codes is widely accepted, so don't sweat it!

Xbox Solution
Xbox Solution (XBS) is a web site created by Jason Rybka back in 2002. Read this article to find out the current status of Xbox Solution, and to keep in touch with other members (or former member) easier.

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