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Why Use Cheats and Codes for Console and PC Games?

The Use of Cheat Codes and Glitches is Widely Accepted - So Don't Sweat It!


I started playing video games a long time ago; I used to play for hours on end. I still play just as much today as I did when I was a child, but times change and one's life becomes a bit more stressful at times. That is my excuse anyhow, but in all seriousness, there are several different reasons that you may decide to use cheat codes or glitches in games. Aside from having a busy lifestyle, other reasons to use cheats and codes in games are quite obvious and very common.

I always try to do my best at a game before giving the cheat codes a whirl, or looking for help outside of the game manual. Many times it is just a matter of doing a bit of back-tracking; to find an area you haven't explored yet, or using a different weapon to even the odds on a boss level. However, there are those games that are just painfully difficult. Before resorting to a cheat, faq, or walkthrough I'll lower the difficulty setting. If that doesn't do the trick, then off to the cheats area I go! There is no shame in using a cheat, code, faq, or walkthrough.

Aren't Games Meant to be Played Without Cheats?

Cheat codes got their start from developers including small snippets of code that allowed them to quickly modify the game experience for testing purposes. While this is done for pre-release testing, codes are left in video games, sometimes deliberately, other times accidentally.

In most cases, cheats and codes that are available are supplied by the developer or the publisher of the game. There is a solid logic behind this; they know not everyone has the time to complete a game on their own! Some cheats and codes also provide humerous moments within the game, and are included to bring more replay value to the title. A prime example of this is a cheat code that will make your character's head really big, a completely useless code, yet priceless in the right game.

Do You Recommend Using Cheat Codes?

While some people may frown upon the use of codes in a game, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them, and millions of gamers around the world are doing it every day for various reasons. It really doesn't matter if I think it is OK, it is really up to the individual gamer. I personally feel a better sense of accomplishment when I don't use cheats in a game, but having said that, there are plenty of games I would have never completed without the occasional use of a health refill or an infinite ammo cheat on a FPS title!

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