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[Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod Download]

A Look at the so-called Murder Simulators and Sex-Sims within Videogames


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


This was something Rockstar created, and before the release locked the code out of the final version. (note: the uncensored version was never in the code by the developer, it is a third party download) The interesting part of the whole story is that, while there have been nude patches for other games, such as Dead Or Alive and The Sims, and even completely nude movie footage in BMX XXX, there was never an outcry like there is now. It's to the point where Senator Hilary Clinton has even stepped in, issuing a statement that would lead you to believe she is more upset over this than what happened between Bill and Monica when former President Bill Clinton was in office. It's all quite ironic.

Make Up Your Own Mind About Sex and Violence in Video Games

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and above you have read mine. If you have a differing opinion, feel free to post in our forums and share it with the About.com community. If you're just out to download the GTA3 Hot Coffee Mod for Xbox or PC, or grab the Action Replay Codes for PS2 to unlock the Hot Coffee Mod, have at it, but just remember, pixilated images aren't the same as graphic content we see on television. So in my mind, this whole debate is fairly pointless.

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