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Crackdown Cheats - Crackdown Achievement Guide for Xbox 360 - page 3

Use this Crackdown achievement guide and unlock all Crackdown achievements


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Front Flipper - 20 gamerscore points.
Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle.
Tip: Once you have a driving rating of 2 or 3, the Front Flipper achievement should be easy to get, especially using the Agency SUV. Just set up a truck ramp on the beach in Los Muertos and give it a shot. You may need to be driving skill level 4 to do it easily, since the cars and faster and you can use the B button to get an extra jump off the ramp at level 4 with the SUV.

Global Impact - 15 gamerscore points.
Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe.
Tip: Getting the Global Impact achievement is simple, actually, the hardest part is knowing where the Observatory Globe is located. It is in Volk, by the female boss' area, the one that looks like she is on steroids. It's near her boss area on the rocks, just knock it off, carry it around and kill gang members with it and you'll get the achievement.

Hazardous Hangtime - 10 gamerscore points.
Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle.
Tip: I got the Hazardous Hangtime achievement using the Agency SUV and a truck ramp on the beach in Los Muertos, you just have to time the jump right, and have a driving skill rating of 4 really helps with the air time. You can also take the SUV up the Shai-Gen building with the elevator, and drive it off of the top - do 2 front flips on the way down to pick up the Front Flipper achievement as well if you still need it.

High Flyer - 10 gamerscore points.
Make your way to the top of the Agency Tower.
Tip: To get the High Flyer achievement you'll need to get to the very top of the Agency Tower. In case you don't know, it is the tallest building in the city and has three towers, all with red lasers pointing in different directions towards the various locations. Getting to the top is no easy task, so I recommend you wait until your agility rating is at 4 to do it, although it can be done at 3. You need to scale any of the three buildings up to the point where there is a platform connecting the three. Then begin climbing at the one tower that has the scaffolding. Once you reach the top of that tower, just to the tower to your right and use the platform to get to the third, and highest tower. This tower also has scaffolding, and is how you will make your way to the very top. Once there, you'll get the achievement. Jump off and land in the water to also gain the Base Jumper achievement.

It's Good To Be Connected - 30 gamerscore points.
Unlock all Supply Points.
Tip: Not much of an explanation needed here, you'll get the It's Good To Be Connected achievement once you have unlocked all of the supply points within the game. Actually, I suggest that once you get to an area (Los Muertos, Volk, Shai-Gen) that this is the first thing you do, since you can then transport to any unlocked location from another.

Los Muertos Cleanser - 20 gamerscore points.
Murder Los Muertos - Kill all Los Muertos gang members.
Tip: Killing all of the Los Muertos gang members should be fairly simple. Once you kill the final boss there will be an area indicated by a star on the map where the final battle will be - kill them all and the achievement will be yours.

Los Muertos Intel Master - 10 gamerscore points.
Locate all Los Muertos dossier targets.
Tip: All you need to do to gain the Los Muertos Intel Master achievement is locate all of the gang controlled boss areas in Los Muertos. Just going around the city will eventually unlock this in the general course of game play.

Mad Bomber - 15 gamerscore points.
Show your explosive personality - kill 500 gang members using explosives.
Tip: Again, the Mad Bomber achievement will come naturally throughout the normal course of killing gang member using grenades, launchers, and other explosives. My personal favorite, the Firefly, makes this really simple.

Master Agent - 50 gamerscore points.
Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters.
Tip: In order to get the Master Agent achievement you'll need to max out all of your skill meters, essentially making them all 5 stars, although they won't actually get a fifth star. If you need help in any of the skill areas you can check the tips page for Agility , Strength , Firearms , Explosives , Driving , and Orbs (which also increase your ratings).

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