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Crackdown Cheats - Increasing Your Explosives in Crackdown on the Xbox 360

Hints and tips to help you increase your explosives rating in Crackdown.


Crackdown Explosives Skill

The explosions in Crackdown really are something to be seen. For a cel-shaded game (similar to Jet Set Radio Future and Okami) they are perhaps some of the best effects we have seen. They don't compare to the explosions in Lost Planet, but as I said before, this is a cel-shaded game and it is supposed to have that 'comic book' like appearance. More to my point, explosives in Crackdown can be your best friend.

As you level up your explosives skill rating in Crackdown, you'll notice that your explosives will inflict more damage, and do so at a greater radius. In fact, once you hit level 4 explosives you'll need to be careful to not kill yourself or your co-op partner. So how do you go about leveling up your explosives in Crackdown?

Leveling Up Explosives Skills in Crackdown

Just like the rest of the skills in Crackdown, to level up the explosives skill you'll need to use weapons that have explosives, or grenades. Now, at the beginning of the game I wondered why we were even given grenades, but once I leveled them up a bit I saw how effective they can be. Now I use them as often as I can, just because they are so much fun to watch, and for some reason I get a really good feeling inside when I watch an enemy burning. Is that wrong?

Explosives can be anything from the various grenades you have at your disposal, to the few different grenade and rocket launchers that are available. I think I mentioned the Firefly somewhere else in this series of articles, it is a heat seeking rocket launcher that has a total of 15 rounds. The beauty of it is that it will lock on to the target, and even if they move, it will hit them (unless there is something blocking the line of fire once they move).

I normally don't recommend going into Shai-Gen until you have most of your skills leveled up to about 3 (4 for agility), but it is worth stopping by early on in the game to go grab one of these Fireflys. If you have a co-op partner you are playing with that is a higher level than you are, you can have them drop the weapon for you so you can take it to a supply point and always have it. In truth, this can be done with any weapon, except grenades, so get the best weapons early.

With the firefly leveling up explosives is literally a walk in the park. You can hit level 3 within a few hours of game play. Stick close to the supply points so you can reload often, and since were talking about leveling up explosives, be sure to chuck grenades towards groups of enemies as often as possible. Another good weapon is the grenade launcher (you can get the grenade launcher in Volk), it's explosive power is devastating at level 4, but I still prefer the Firefly.

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