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Crackdown Cheats - Increasing Your Strength in Crackdown on the Xbox 360

Hints and tips to help you increase your strength rating in Crackdown.


Crackdown Strength Skill

The Strength skill in Crackdown is increased when you use your bare hands to kill enemy gang members within the game. The benefits of increasing the strength rating is that you will dish out more damage when using melee attacks, and you will be able to lift heavier objects within the game.

Now, being able to walk around carrying a bus, or tossing a tractor trailer cab at a group of enemies is cool, but the benefits of having leveled up strength really come into play when you fight many of the game's bosses and mini bosses. I have found that the easiest way to take out a boss is to just run up to them when you have a clear shot and pound them with melee attacks. Since they can't hit you back when you are attacking, its almost a sure win as long as you have cleared out the surrounding generals. So, having a good strength rating will make this easier, and leveling strength is pretty simple as well.

Leveling Up Strength in Crackdown

The only way you can level up your strength skill in Crackdown, like many of the other skills, is to actually use the skill. It sounds brutally simple, and it is, but there are a few tips to help you do this quickly.

Use Los Muertos Gang Members
If you're looking to increase your strength early on in the game the best place is in Los Muertos, since they are generally the weakest gang in the game. For the most part, their firearms will not harm you quickly enough, so you can just run right up to them and melee them until they die. Once you are at strength level 2 most of the Los Muertos gang members will drop in one hit. The same can be done with the gangs in Volk and Shai-Gen, but early in the game it is easier in Los Muertos. I'd say once you hit level 2 strength you should be fine doing this in Volk, and level 3 in Shai-Gen.

Level Firearms and Strength at the Same Time
If you are shooting at an enemy and running towards them, if they have not died by the time you reach them, you will automatically perform a melee attack. When the enemy dies you'll notice that you get experience points for both the firearms skill and the strength skill as well.

Using Vehicles and Other Objects
If you use a vehicle or another smaller object (when at lower levels) you can toss them at enemies, this will increase your strength rating. Remember, the wider and heavier an object is, the more damage it will inflict upon successfully hitting the target, so bigger is better in this case.

Melee Vehicles with Enemies in Them
This is perhaps the easiest way to level up the strength skill. When you see an enemy vehicle approaching, start hitting the vehicle before the enemies can get out of it. More often than not you'll be able to kill both of the enemies inside of it. Since it is easier to successfully hit a big vehicle than it is to hit a small gang member who is running in circles, I've found this to be an effective way to raise your strength.

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