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Elevate Magicka Oblivion Item ID Code


Question: Elevate Magicka Oblivion Item ID Code

Oblivion PC Game Code for Elevate Magicka

What is the Oblivion Item ID for Elevate Magicka?

  • Item code: 00008874

This item is classified as Books and Scrolls within the game. The in-game developer code is: MG10FortMagickaScroll (not used for cheat entry).

Note: If there is more than one code for this item they are all listed above. However, only one is needed as they all do the same thing.

Also, when entering the codes you do not need to enter the zeros at the beginning of the code.

Example of how to use this item code in the game.

Press the tilde key ( ~ ) and enter this: player.additem 00008874 1

Take note of the ending number 1 on the above example, this is the quantity you would like and can be changed to any number.

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