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A Quick Harvesting Trick in Cityville

Use this tactic in Zynga's Facebook gane Cityville.


A player may qualify for the rather addictive game Cityville if:

They've always wanted to build their own city, have had a long time love affair with Sim City back when, but currently has moved onto Facebook for their pc thrills. Cityville reminds me of sim games of past - but with a brighter interface and constant interaction with online players.

In your virtual city you get to be the Mayor overseeing everything from buildings to collecting rent all to develop their city. Jobs are limited to how high a level the player is but also allows these job to apply to work the player does with their neighbors. In fact here's a quick tip in using neighbors to accelerate your crop growth.

Harvest common fields.

Note if your neighbors share a similar field crop. If they do, this tip will let you harvest your crops faster. Let your neighbors come in and harvest that area first. Then as soon as they are done plant your crops into the same space.

This lowers your wait time in harvesting.

Then let others come in and plant their crops. Each time they plant into the shared common fields, it lowers your already planed crops' ripening time accelerating your wait time. By the time the fourth or fifth neighbor has planed in crops, yours will already be ready to be harvested.

Strawberries are an exception.

Strawberries a different from other crops in that once you've planted them, the next person to use the shared field will cause your strawberries to instantly ripen. They are then free to harvest, or you can just wait five minutes and let a neighbor do the harvesting of them instead!

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