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Zoo World Cheats, Hints and Tips for Facebook

Cheats, hints and tips for Facebook's Zoo World


Zoo World on Facebook

Zoo World on Facebook

Natalie Mootz

Zoo World is one of the fastest growing social games on Facebook. It's a sim game, from RockYou!, which lets you collect exotic animals, earn money on admissions, and manage just about everything a real zoo requires - from hiring vets to selling funnel cakes.

Here are some several sure-fire zoo building strategies -- and one big cheat -- that reap rewards immediately. Feel free to comment with your own best tips and cheats.

Quick leveling

The quickest way to level is to work through each achievement on the Zoo game's Home page. It's tempting to first trick out your zoo the way you like it, but you'll soon find yourself running out of cash. If you stick to doing the achievements in order you'll maintain a steady cash flow.

Keep your Zoo's grade at A. (Unfortunately for you overachievers out there, there is no A+.) Notice when the top of the Shop page suggests that you purchase a particular item (e.g., a kiosk). Buy these recommended items before buying animals for your zoo because animals are pricier.

Making fast cash

Fortunately, in Zoo World it's easy to earn cash, especially compared with other Facebook games such as FarmVille. Follow these tips each time you log into your zoo and you'll bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time.

  • Take the Daily Quiz. On the Home tab there's a new one-question quiz every day. If you get the correct answer, you get a few thousand dollars.
  • Play the Zoo World lotto with Wildlife Points. Below level 20, Wildlife Points don't buy much of anything. Instead, use them to play lotto on the Home tab. Whether you win or lose, you'll still get cash.
  • Send gifts to friends. When they receive a gift the game asks them to send one back to you. You can either keep these gifts to increase your zoo's value (and eventually raise your ticket prices) or sell them to the Shop for immediate cash.
  • Visit your friends' zoos. Your zoo keeping Facebook friends show up along the bottom of your zoo page. Every day you can hunt for treasure in your friends' zoos. Simply click on each of their animals until you've found the treasure.
  • Visit your own animals. You can click your own animals to find daily treasure, too.
  • Shake stand-alone trees in everyone's zoos. Clicking on trees in anyone's zoo shakes out a bit of cash that, though small, will add up over time. (Note: Trees that are a part of an animal's habitat won't shake.)

The auto-refresh cheat

Over the long haul the fast cash tips above are only as good as the time you must sit in front of your computer. A short time after you leave the Zoo World page (whether you alt-tab to a different browser window or walk away from your desk), your zoo times out and stops generating cash for you. Lucky for you there's a simple cheat that solves this problem.

You must use Firefox to take advantage of this cheat. Install an add-on called ReloadEvery which allows you to set any browser page to auto-refresh after a specified time. To use it, simply right click anywhere inside the Zoo World browser page, pick "Reload Every" and toggle the "Enable" option. I use "Reload every 1m" to refresh the page every minute, but you can choose any time period you like.

Ticket pricing strategy

Many people err one of two ways in their ticket pricing: they either price tickets too cheaply to attract more visitors, or they price admission too high to attract a profitable number of visitors. The best strategy lies somewhere in between these extremes.

Leave your ticket price at $1 for the first two levels, using the achievements as a guide. (The achievements lead you through attracting visitors and increasing profit.) Once you're getting over 1200 visitors per day, you can raise admission. How do you know when "the price is right"? Look at the profit total in the upper right corner of your Zoo screen. When you raise the price a dollar, does your total profit increase? If so, keep raising the admission price one dollar at a time until the total profit goes down. In other words, ignore the number of visitors and just ensure your ticket price achieves the highest profit per day.

Here's an example:

  • At $10 per ticket, I'm making $19,750 per day.
  • If I raise admission to $11 per ticket, my profit goes up to $21,274.
  • If I raise admission to $12 per ticket, my profit goes down to $20,160.
  • From this experiment I can tell that my ideal ticket price is $11 per person because it's where my profit maxes out.


Using the above tips alone, I leveled to 19 and created a zoo worth over $1million with 92 animals and 2 islands in less than a week, spending less than about an hour a day playing the game. I ran the auto-refresh cheat for a total of about 5 hours during the week. That's not much time or effort at all. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start collecting your own marmots and beluga whales!

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