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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats for Gamecube page 2

More hints and tips for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on the Gamecube.


Hint: Redemption At Gotranno
Your objectives are to eliminate all of Sergei's bodyguards, and to eliminate Segei Zavarothkhov. Note: You will need these weapons :SPAZ 12 Shotgun, Svd sniper sniper from Motorcade Interception sniper from the second to last mission, SMG, AK-47, 9mm pistol, revolver, Deagle, crossbow, and the Hitman Ballers. When the final mission starts, do not run out into the open or you will die. Instead ,check the map and look for two bodyguards. When they are out of range and slowly turn their backs, run up to the big door and jump down the stone stairs. Before you run to your weapon shed, look out for a sniper and time your run to the shed. When inside, equip and be ready with your Spaz 12. Crouch and wait for the door to open and the agents to run in. With one shot each, about five agents will die. After all the agents are dead, take off the Spaz 12 and take out a silenced sniper. Carefully snipe outside and look for an agent who is sniping from the monument-like building. Take him out. Now, go back inside the shed. Take every pistol you find, SMGs, and any other weapon that can be holstered. in addition, take your Spaz 12 and go into the building next to your tool shed. Open it and eliminate every agent you find. Look for a church key and enter the sanctuary. Go up the stairs and kill the two agents who are on top. Then, wait for an agent who will pop up and kill him. If you run low on ammunition, use the SMG. Next, open the door and kill the sniping agent. Then, run all the way to your weapon shed. Run back to the place where you eliminated the two agents with a good weapon. Now, run back and forth until you have three snipers, a crossbow, an AK-47 and Spaz 12 all stored with you inside the sanctuary. Then, utilize the crossbow and kill all the agents who are sniping on top. There are now lots of agents below. Carefully crouch and sniper all of them with a silenced sniper. Once all are dead, only Sergei remains. Run down and find a door which leads to the main hall. Go to the confessing chamber and shoot the heart. Sergei will run out into an open room. With your Spaz 12, wait for him to come out and give him five shots. Alternately, run to the big cross and hide behind it. Once there, out Sergei when he is vulnerable.

Hint: Redemption at Gontranno: Defeating Sergei
After you have killed all of the bodyguards, get a sniper rifle. Go into the confession booth and wait for the Sergei to appear. When he begins to come out, run across the church and hide behind the cross. When Sergei is in front of you on the second level, fire one shot to the head. Note: If you are in stealth mode when you open a door, no one will hear you.

Hint: Secret Valley: Easy Silent Assassin rank
A sniper rifle is required for this trick At the Tracking Hayamoto level, add a sniper rifle to your inventory. When you complete that level, you will have the sniper rifle with you at the start of the Secret Valley level. When the level starts, take out the sniper covering the entrance to the tunnel with your sniper rifle. Wait until a cargo truck arrives. Look at your map and make sure that all of the men guarding the entrance are looking towards the alley before getting inside the back of the truck. Duck and wait until the truck stops. Get out of the truck and save the game at this point. Run until you reach the location where three guards are patrolling the way, up and down. Hide behind a pillar in the middle of the way and wait until the guard in front of you turns around and begins patrolling downwards. the guards are patrolling in a zigzag pattern. Do the same thing without getting spotted by the guard patrolling upwards. You will probably get spotted a few times before managing to do this successfully. Save the game after you have passed the guards and reach a safe location. Look at the map to see four guards blocking the way. Wait until a truck to arrive, but do not jump into it. the guards will check the truck and they will spot you if you hide inside it. Instead, wait until the truck reaches the guards, and they start to check it. Walk on the right side of the road and sneak by the guards while they are checking the truck. Save the game after you have passed the guards. Afterwards, you will reach a place with three guards patrolling up and down again. Use the same trick done previously and save the game afterwards. Look at your map to see many guards blocking the way out. Move towards the ladder at the upper corner at the map. Be careful, as a guard is patrolling the place. Do not kill or knock out the guard. Get past the guard and go up the ladder. Watch out for the sniper and avoid him at all costs by running towards the trees directly in front of you. Afterwards, just run to the exit and you will have completed the level with a Silent Assassin rank.

Hint: Shogon Showdown: Easy Silent Assassin rank
You will need Anesthetic for this trick. When the level starts, enter the door at the right side of the stairs leading to the courtyard. Walk up the stairs and enter sneak mode. When you reach the first floor, look through the keyhole. When the guard turns, open the door and stay behind a pillar. Note: Walking on the wooden floor makes noise, alerting the guard. Walk on the brown platforms connecting to the pillars to prevent this. Use the Anesthetic to take out the guard, Be careful not to step on the wooden floor. When the guard is unconscious, take his SMG and clothes. Remember not to exit sneak mode during this process. After taking the clothes, walk on the brown platforms and go down the stairs to your left (in sneak mode). When downstairs, take the door to the left. Walk to the next door, open it, and take the key card on the shelf next to you on the right side. Go back the way you came from and move to the lasers. Before deactivating them, save the game and exit sneak mode. Deactivate the lasers, walk past the guards, and move upstairs. Continue to walk upstairs until you reach the fourth floor. Look at the map. There are two women in this area, one moving and one that is not. Move to the woman that does not move. She will give you a key card. After that, go back the way you came from and move upstairs. Deactivate the lasers and move on. There should be three guards. Sneak past the guard standing in the middle of the room and do not allow him to see you, as he will check your ID. Move upstairs and you will see Hayamoto (the target). Wait until he moves towards the windown put a shot in his head. When you do this, four ninjas will jump down from the ceiling and attack. to avoid the fight, after you kill Hayamoto tun towards him. Grab the key card he is holding and climb through the window. Outside the window is a walkway. Move through it. When you think you have reached the end, jump down. You will reach another walkway. Repeat what was done before and jump down when you reach the end. At the end you will find yourself in the courtyard. Avoid the guards at all costs and go to where you took out the guard with the Anesthetic. Deactivate the lasers again and go through. Move to the right to find stairs leading down. Go down and look at your map. Move down the stairs leading to the museum and get the guidance system. Also take the 22.SD pistol. It is one of the objets in the museum. Afterwards, go to the exit to get a Silent Assassin rank and the M4 rifle, if you do not already have it.

Hint: Shogun Showdown: .22 SD
A silenced gun that does not trigger metal detectors is the .22 SD. It is well hidden in the castle. to find it, go to where you find the ''Missile Guidance Sys.'', which is locateded in the basement. the gun is on display. Go to the other displays. the .22 SD is in a little corner behind glass and is all white. It is useful because it is silenced and does not trigger metal detectors. You can only find it in this level.

Hint: Shogun Showdown: Easy Silent Assassin rank
Your objectives are to eliminate Hayamoto Sr., retrieve the bomb kit, and to escape. When the mission starts, slowly walk towards the door near you. Quietly get inside and run up the stairs. When you are at the top, check your map to see if any of he ninjas are following you up the stairs. If they are, you must restart the level. If they are not, save at this point. Then, look through the keyhole and wait for the ninja to turn his back. When he lets his guard down, slowly open the door and sneak behind him. You have two choices. You can either shoot him with 9 mm pistol SD or run fast and strangle him with the Fiber Wire. After he is dead, hide the body and take the clothes. Then, go back to the starting of the level and enter the outside compound. Once there, you will find a special helicopter and four or five white ninjas. Ignore them and enter the wooden building. Explore it and its interior pathways to find a keycard. Take itn go back to the starting point for the level. Go back to the place where you eliminated the first ninja. Use the keycard to open the laser doors. Now, check your map and explore every floor until you find a museum where the bomb kit is kept. Take it, and also look for a silenced pistol on display, which is useful in the next mission. Then, wait for the ninja to enter the museum. Slowly strangle him, use the 9 mm pistol, or just sneak past him into the next room. Save the game and search every floor until you find a point of interest on the map. When you are near itre are two rooms with two Japanese women. Find a hiding location and wait for the first woman to leave the room. Note: If she sees you, she will alert the guards. When she is out of the way, enter the room and look for the second Japanese woman. There will be a conversation, and she will give you a special key. Save the game and exit the room without being noticed. Do not worry about the ninjas who hide in the ceilings. They will be the least suspicious. Next, be ready with your silenced pistol. Hayamoto will be on the sixth floor on the map. Go to the sixth floor, but hide behind a wall which is behind a special electric door. Next, check your map and wait for Hayamoto to move towards his window. This is the ideal time to sneak past the guards and enter Hayamoto's room. Devise this strategy, and when you are in Hayamoto's room quickly shoot him in the head with the silenced pistol and run towards his body. Once there, take his special card and jump out of the window as ninjas slowly flood his room. Jump from roof to roof until you land in the compound with the special helicopter. Run towards it, and the mission will be over.

Hint: St. Petersburg Revisited: Easy completion:

As the level starts, get to the lockers and get the sniper rifle. the rounds for the sniper rifle are nto live rounds and you will not be able to take anybody out with it. Drop the sniper rifle -- this only leaves you the Fiber-Wire to complete the level. Get upstairs and enter the door leading to the sewers. Move throw the sewers and climb up the ladder which led you to the side of the parked truck when playing the St. Petersburg Stakeout level. As you approach Sergei's place, a sniper will attack you. Stand behind a wall and save the gamen quickly cross the street towards the building. Enter through the main door. Enter sneak mode before opening the door. Remain in sneak mode and go upstairs. Turn right and open the door. the sniper should be directly in front of you. Sneak up behind him and finish him off with the Fiber-wire. After the intermission sequence ends, get the sniper rifle lying beside the dead sniper. Run down and exit through the main door. Run back all the way towards the sewers. Do not stop as the Russian Mafia is chasing you. When you reach the ladder leading to the sewers, climb down and run towards the exit. Note: Some Russian Mafia guards are in the sewers. Just ignore them and run past.

Hint: St. Petersburg Stakeout
When you start, do not get your equipment yet. If you do this civilians that always wander the subway will complain to the guard. Instead, go to the other locker area with the guard in it and shoot him. Drag him behind the shelf-locker part. Take his clothes, but do not take his AK-47. There should be another guard that will coming to check in. Kill him if desired. Then, get your equipment and return to the lockers again. Go to the doorn unlock the door to the sewers. An easy way to do this is to look at your map for moment and 47 should have it opened. Then on your map, find the path that you go across to the right of your screen and keep going until you see a ladder. Climb it. If you found the correct path, to your left will be an opening, and straight ahead is an alley. Go to the end of an alley and kill the person guarding the ledge at the end. Then, check your map. Near the Pushkin Buildingre is a building with a point of interest symbol. Run towards it, but not near the guards. Go to about the thirrd floor. Kill the guard inside patrolling. Then, find the room that has an open window straight from the open window of the Pushkin Building. Diana will provide information about the target while you are getting ready to snipe. Have the scope vision on (it is the bald man that is drinking). Shoot at the body. If you aim at the head and shoot, you might hit another general or the man in the jacket. It is all right if you are alerted, but watch for the two guards coming in the building. Either kill them or escape from them. Then, go all the way back the way you came in and escape in the subway.

Hint: St. Petersburg Stakeout Easy Silent Assassin rank
Do not directly get the sniper rifle from your locker when you begin the mission. If you do, it will alert a civilian and they will warn a guard. First, get a guard uniform. to get the bonus, you cannot kill the guard; you will need the Anesthetic. Go up the wide stairs forward and to the left of the insertion point. Follow the hallway, go up the escalator, and take the first left. There is a guard that patrols here. There are also some lockers that he steps behind. Wait until he goes behind the lockersn pull your Anesthetic. Wait in sneak mode around the opposite side of the lockers, right near the corner. Save the game at this point, as it is fairly difficult to time the Anesthetic correctly, and it will prevent you from having to waste time running to the same spot. Make sure when you anesthetize him that you give him the full five bottles. Drag him behind the lockers, take his clothes, and take his gun. Run back down the escalators and ditch the gun as you are running. You do not need the AK -- you just do not want him to have it when he wakes up. Get your sniper rifle from the locker, and the civilians will not care that you are carrying a gun because you have a soldier's uniform. Run back to the room where you knocked the guard out and go through the door on your right. Pick the lock in the next room and follow the left wall until you reach a ladder. Climb up into the street and go to the building across from the meeting room. Run when you can, but do not make the guards too suspicious. Go right in the front door of the building -- it saves time and the guards are on patrol instead of just standing there. Go up, and make the sniper hit. Save the gamen start heading back the way that you came from. By now anesthetized soldier has probably awakened. When you are exiting the sewers, check through the keyhole of the second door. Watch for the guard (in his underwear) to go back behind the lockers. Open the door in sneak moden run onto the subway. the trick for the bonus, as always, is to have no aggression. If you kill anyone besides your target, you may still get the Silent Assassin rating, but you will not get the bonus. Also, you may find it easier to get the Silent Assassin rating on the next level if you keep that sniper rifle with you.

Hint: Temple City Ambush: Easy Silent Assassin rank
You only need the Fiber Wire. Start the level and meet the contact (marked with the Agency Pickup sign). He will tell you about a shop called Carpets Inter where you have to meet Agent Smith. After the conversation, equip your Fiber Wire and holster it. Look at your map for another Agency Pickup sign. Go to that sign (Carpets Inter) using your map. Open the door and the Agent will fire two shots in the air. After the conversation, look at your map for the stationary enemy. He can be in any building only surrounding the point of interests. Look for the building where he is located. Get inside the shop in front of it then go left upstairs in sneak mode without being noticed. Take out the Fiber Wire and look for him. If he is not in the one in which you are at, try the next shop. If he is in the building that you are in, kill him with the Fiber Wire. Then, take his photo, his clothes, and his sniper rifle. Next, look for the other one in your building. As he just passes that building, take him out and take his photo. If you cannot, wait for the guards around him to go. However if there are only civilians around him, take his photo and bring them back to the Agent. Then, go to the exit point.

Hint: Temple City Ambush: Fun during mission:

Before starting get the Combat Knife, Kitchen Knife, and/or Scalpel. Also enable the "God mode" code. When you start the level, reach your first contact shop (near where you start with the Indian Man, SP12, and ammunition). Talk to him as usualn kill him. Next, wait for a Cult Member to walk near the shop. Kill himn drag him to inside the shop and take his clothes. You may have to wait a long time for one to appear. Kill any civilians walking by, and drag them in while waiting for your disguise. Also kill any Cult women and leave them there so that a Cult man will pass by. After getting your disguise, kill everybody with your knife when there is no one else around. Then, kill the ones who find the body. Also play as usual to get the camera to photograph the assassins and kill them with a knife. If you have not killed everybody before completing the level, do so now. the civilians will start to distrust the Cult.

Hint: Terminal Hospitality: Easy Silenced Assassin rank
Use the Anesthetic on any of the cult members outside of the hospital and take his clothes. Get to the basement and shut off the generator. This will turn off the life support for the cult leader, killing him instantly. Then, return to the boat to complete the mission without firing a shot.

Hint: Tracking Hayamoto: Easy Silent Assassin rank
Start by waiting until all the nearby guards have turned around. Then, run towards the guard near the back of the house, but start sneaking once you get near him. Follow him until he stops. Bring out the Anesthetic and use it on him. Take his clothes, hide himn go to the back of the house. Hide behind the rock near the bodyguard. Wait until he finishes talking to the other guard. Then, casually walk towards the door and enter. Go to the room with the exclamation point and cut the Fugu fish. Wait until the guard and the chef exitn run to the nearest bowl of food you can find. Place the transmitter and the Fugu fish insiden run to the other side of the table and to the second door you find. Take the chef's clothes and wait again until the guard has entered and left again. Go back to the door you came in and exit. Try to walk past the two guards talking outside, back behind the house, past the half-naked guard, to the exit. Make sure you do not let the two guards near the exit see you while walking. You could try walking close to the wall, and finally to the exit.

Hint: Training: Fight the watermelons or pigs
To fight the pigs, go in the yard where three pigs are kept. You can shoot them with your guns or whack them with your Fire Axe, Katana Sword or Golf Club. to fight the watermelons, go where the training course located. There are three watermelons in front of the course. You can shoot them and they will explode.

Hint: Tubeway Torpedo: Easy Silent Assassin rank
When the level starts, check your map and move to the ladder marked with a large red arrow and climb up. Use your Anesthetic on the guard standing behind the nearest crate. Drag him behind the crate and take his clothes and weapon. Get your equipmentn jump into the back of the truck and crouch so that the guards will not spot you when it leaves. When the truck reaches the headquarters. Jump out as soon as the truck stops and save the game. Follow the guard at a safe distance into the building. Take the elevator without being seen by the guard patrolling the place. When you reach the first basement, save the game again. There is a guard directly in front of you. Wait until he is at a safe distance and follow him. If any of the guards suspects you, just keep going. When you reach the control room, enter it and exit through the door in the upper corner of the room. Note: Do not enter the service room from the control room side. Open the second door and enter the service room from the other side. Put a bullet from your 9mm SD pistol into the machine in front of you. This will disable the surveillance. Get out of the room and look at your map. Go to the room with the attention mark. Pick the lock and change your clothes. Then. move to the sewer room. Arm and drop your bomb close to the wall and exit the room. Make sure the guard is not there. Note: Drop your AK there as well, as an officer does not carry a rifle. Next, move to the elevator and take it to the second basement. Save the game at this point. Walk towards the observation room and pick the lock. Move towards the table in the upper corner of the room and drop your personal pager near the it. Then, move and stand at the left side of the door and take out your phone. Make sure that the guard is not nearby. Press Fire to activate the phone. the personal pager will beep, and the general will enter the room to investigate. Take out your 9mm SD pistol and take him out with a headshot. Pick up his weapons and move into the next room. Free the prisoner and follow him to the elevator. Take it upn go to the sewer room where you dropped the bomb. Remember to pick up your AKn detonate the bomb with the remote. Run towards the exit to complete the level.

Hint: Tubeway Torpedo: Sneaking past the guard at the elevator
When you reach the place where the elevator to the second basement is located, save the game. to do this trick you do not need the lieutenant's uniform. You need Anesthetic. Look at your map and make sure no one is looking towards the elevator and that nobody is in the room except the guard sitting on the chair. Move behind him, knock him out with the Anesthetic (use the whole bottle). Then, take the elevator down. When the guards find himy will only look around and get back to their positions. This is a safer way to achieve the Silent Assassin rank, as you only fire one bullet (to take out the target).

Hint: More ammunition
If you are near a stack of ammunition but are notified by the game that you cannot pick it up, use the following trick to get almost twice as much normal ammunition. for example, if you have a shotgun with full ammunition and are next to a pile of shotgun ammunition, fire one shot, reloadn pick up the ammunition. You will now have almost double the ammunition.

Hint: Getting the M4 (M16)
On the motorcade level, you need to clear the town quickly and grab the supplied rifle. Shoot your target. This will cause the UN guards to stop and run on foot to your position. Wait until they get through the gatesn dodge their shots and put them in the cross fire from the remaining troops outside. Since you cannot hurt them, do not shoot. They will soon shoot their own men. Then, just run up and grab an M4. This may not be easy, but it does work.

Hint: Getting the .22SD pistol
The .22SD is well hidden in the castle level where you have to kill Hayamoto senior. It is one of the items that is displayed in his museum.

Hint: Holstered Uzi
When holding the Uzi, take out the Ballers. the Uzi will be fully holstered, like a pistol.

Hint: Gun collection
Throughout all the levels you will run into many different types of guns. Whenever you see a gun that you do not already have, pick it up. After you complete the level on which you found the gun gun will now be available at your house. You will have ammunition in the room for you to use if desired. Howeverre are many guns that are too big to carry inside your clothes and therefore must be held in the open. You will not be able to pick up a gun of the same size or greater without dropping the one you are holding. You will find other guns on the same level that you cannot pick up because you are already holding one, and the gun you want is simply too big to conceal. in this case, you will have to decide which gun you want more then finish the level with it. You can always replay that level to get the other gun that was left behind.

Hint: Animals
When at your home area with the shed of guns, you may shoot down the birds either on the ground or while they fly in the air. Each bird that is shot will fall to its corresponding area and remain there until you leave the level. You can also shoot the pigs in their pen.

Hint: Pick locks quicker
Pick a lock, look at your map, and exit. the lock will be picked.

Hint: Fast kills
When playing in any level, just run or sneak up to an enemy and fight him with your fists. He will soon be out cold. Once he is, use any gun to shoot him anywhere on his body. He will not get back up.

Hint: Hold two pistols at once
Take out the pistol that you want in your right hand and drop it. Next, take out your Ballers and also drop them. Then, take out the pistol you want in your left hand. Pick up your Ballers and your gun should switch hands. Finally, pick up the last gun and you should be holding two pistols. the sawn-off shotgun can also be used for this.

Hint: Running knife attack:

Change to first person view and use the knife. You can attack while running if you press Attack many times.

Hint: Stretched arms
Enable the "Nailgun mode" code and pin a person to the wall. Try to drag them and their arms will stretch like elastic.

Glitch: Basement Killing: Ghost chair:

Go through the level using the pizza delivery boy disguise and make sure you have a .22mm gun. Go down to the basement and pick the lock. Then still holding the pizza, walk straight towards him and make sure he looks back at you. He should start getting upn fall back into his chair in a continuous loop. Go directly behind him, and when he falls into the chair and is facing away, pull out your .22mm and shoot him in the back of the head. If done correctly, he will suddenly appear face down on his desk, dead, but the chair will continue the glitch movement and keep sliding out then appearing under the desk.

Glitch: Basement Killing: Invisible bench:

Make sure you have the 22. pistol. Go to the security room on the right and go to the Special Agency icon. Make sure that the guard is not in the room. Take the smoke bomb and drop it. Then, leave quickly so the guard does not see you. Go to the lobby. You will see an employee talking to a fireman sitting on nothing but air. Note: This may require more than one attempt.

Glitch: Stretch characters
Enable the "Nailgun mode" code. You will be notified that gravity is off and nailgun mode is on. Restart the level from the pause menu then enable the "Nailgun mode" code again. You will be notified that gravity is on and nailgun mode is on. Pin someone to the wall low enough so they can be dragged by the leg. You will stretch the character like a rubber band (with the same effect if you let go of them when stretched). Be careful, as the game can freeze if you stretch them too far.

Glitch: Level select
First, start a new game or load one from your memory card. Then, quit back to the main menu. If you go to "Start", you will have the option of choosing "Current Game" or "New Game". Select "New Game" and it should warn you about losing unsaved progress. Select "Yes" and it will bring you to the difficulty selection screen. Instead of selecting one, select "Back" to go to the previous menu. This time select "Current Game" instead. If done correctly you will unlock all levels in the game.

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