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Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door Cheats Codes FAQs


Ghost's Curse

This really won't help you in your game, in fact, save before you do this, or you'll lose some game data. When you find the Ragged Diary in the Excess Train's Baggage Cart after meeting the ghost, read the diary and the ghost will appear out of nowhere really angry and curse Mario, transforming Mario into a dead spirit, earning you an instant game over.

Missing Tattle Logs

Missed any Tattle Logs, particularly boss logs? They are not gone for good. Check Professor Frankly's yellow trash can. You will find Tattle Logs thrown away for bosses and other once-only enemies. The log will only appear in the trash once you've gone past the last possible point to Tattle that enemy.

Level up tips

As you level up there are reasons why you should raise Bp(Badge points) and Fp(Flower points)more then Hit points; without Bp and Fp you will take longer to beat your enemys and you wont be able to use many moves that require Fp and in order to use the Fp you need bages. The thing is with Hp is that you will live longer but with take to much damge in one decent battle.

Tips: Rare items

When you get the mouse character you can make her sniff out coins, bages, items, and star pieces. If there is a item in the area, but you can't seem to find it, use the ground pound (A then A), look behind things that you can't see (like behind a bush). If that doesn't work then use your partner's abilities around the area that is close to the item.

The Secret Behind the Title

The big ship you see there has pulleys and chains. Well, back in the old days during pirate time, Captains would keelhaul shipmates by tying them to pulleys and lowering them in the water. Thus, leading the pulleys to the other side of the ship, scraping the shipmates on the bottom of the ship. Many pirates died from lack of air and injuries back then.

Various Hints

  • You can skip atomic boo then come back for him later.
  • If you have zap tap on, enemies like fuzzies and swoopulas can't hurt you.
  • To get information that you need to pay for eg. how to get to don pianta, stories, old wonkey. You can save, then listen to them, then reset to keep your cash.
  • You can't have more than 999 coins.

Shadow Palace Maze

In the shadow palace you will eventually run into a hallway with 4 doors and many stairs. This is a maze. All of the rooms look the same except for one thing: the torches. Follow the position of the flame (and the door nearby) to get through the maze.

Timing For Styles

To get help on landing those Stylish moves, get the badge called Time Tutor or Timing Tutor or something similar to that. With that badge equipped, when you are in battle, if there is an opportunity to add a little Style to your attacks and moves, a little ! speech bubble will appear above your character at the moment you should press the A Button.

Pianta Parlor Prizes

  • Cake Mix: 6 Piantas
  • Super Shroom: 10 Piantas
  • Maple Syrup: 14 Piantas
  • Power Rush P: 34 Piantas
  • Power Rush: 34 Piantas
  • Power Smash: 34 Piantas
  • Power Jump: 34 Piantas
  • Refund: 34 Piantas
  • Super Appeal: 34 Piantas
  • Hammer Throw: 50 Piantas
  • Multibounce: 50 Piantas
  • Quake Hammer: 67 Piantas
  • Tornado Jump: 67 Piantas
  • Jammin' Jelly: 67 Piantas
  • Ultra Shroom: 67 Piantas
  • HP Plus: 100 Piantas
  • FP Plus: 100 Piantas
  • HP Plus P: 200 Piantas
  • Gold Bar x 3: 234 Piantas
  • Money Money: 234 Piantas

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