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Dogz Cheats - DS

Cheats for Dogz on DS.


Cheat Codes

Cheats, codes, hints and tips for Dogz on the Nintendo DS video game system.

There don't seem to be any cheats for Dogz on the DS at this time. Perhaps we've missed one, or we haven't completed this page. If you know of any working cheat codes for this game please let us know and we will add it here.

Dogz Hints

Read through user submitted hints and tips for Dogz on the Nintendo DS, and add your own!

More Cheats and Hints

There may be additional cheats, codes, hints and tips for this game listed in our forums or our cheat code index.

Have another cheat code, hint, or tip for this game? Let us know and we will add it to this page. You can submit a cheat directly to us, or post in the Video Game Cheats forum.

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