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Nintendo DS, Lite, and DSi Cheat Code Entry


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Learning the DS Layout to Enter DS Cheat Codes More Accurately
Nintendo DSi system and control layout to aid in the input of Nintendo DS and DSi cheat codes.

An image of the Nintendo DSi with bullet point to aid in cheat code entry for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi video games.

Original image copyright Nintendo, edited by Jason Rybka.

Entering Cheat Codes on the Nintendo DS and DSi Systems

If you have the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DS Lite, or the Nintendo DSi then you already know it is a great portable video game system. It loads quickly, there are a ton of games available for it, and it has a good battery life. All of these qualities are essential to a good mobile gaming system.

It may seem like a very basic aspect of the system, but if you use cheat codes for your Nintendo DS or DSi video games then you'll need to be familiar with various areas of the system, and their abbreviations in cheat codes. For the most part the system is fairly self-explanatory. Most of the confusion comes when dealing with the triggers, or bumpers on the top left and right of the system.

Here is a brief explanation of the various areas of the Nintendo DS and DSi system to help you enter your Nintendo DS cheat codes with better success. Your DS may vary slightly from the picture above. The system in the image is the latest Nintendo DSi system, but controls for the original DS, the DS Lite, and the DSi are so similar so no further explanation is needed.

In the next step I have detailed these areas for better understanding.

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