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Sonic Rush Cheats and Tips for Nintendo DS - Sonic Rush Secrets

Unlock Blaze, Super Sonic, and Super Blaze - and beat the final area easier.


Unlock Blaze

Simply beat the first Boss in the game and Blaze will now be unlocked.

Extra Modes Unlocked after Beating the Game

When you beat the game you will eanr a few extra modes and special awards here is the what you will earn. A special Sound Test, and the Time Attack mode will now be avalible at the option screen to play.

Play as Super Sonic and Super Blaze

You need to successfully beat both Sonic's and Blazes Story while getting all seven Choas Emeralds. Now simply go to the Charecter select screen and select the Extra Zone mode that has been unlocked you will play this as Super Sonic and Super Blaze.

Tip for Beating the Final Zone

When you get to the robot run up his arm but be careful and head to the lower point right at the forarm and the shoulder crouch down. Now this will protect you when the robot starts to wave his arm and will stop you from falling off. There is no way the robot will be able to throw you off while you are in this area.

Have Another Cheat or Hint?

If you have another cheat or hint for this game, or any other game we do not have listed send it in.

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