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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager Cheat Codes - PC

Cheats and codes for Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager on PC


Cheat Codes

Cheats for Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager are entered during game play.

Note: You must begin the game with the -K911 command line parameter to enable the use of cheats in this game. More information is below with the command line cheats.

Here are the in-game cheats:

    Increase Attack Power
    Cheat code: Alt + F2

    Learn All Spells
    Cheat code: Alt + F4

    Raise Level Of Character
    Cheat code: t

    Raise Level Of Party
    Cheat code: T

    Restore All Magic
    Cheat code: M

Command Line Cheats

In addition to the in-game cheats, Wake of the Ravager supports command line cheats. More information on command line parameters can be found here .

Here are the command line cheats for Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager:

    All Psionics
    Parameter: -p

    All Spells
    Parameter: -s

    No Introduction
    Parameter: -a

    No Music
    Parameter: -m

Have More Cheats?

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