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Spider-Man Cheat Codes - PC

Cheat codes for the PC video game Spider-Man.


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Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes are available for Spider-Man on the PC.

    God Mode
    Cheat code: ADMNTIUM

    View FMV Sequences
    Cheat code: CINEMA

    Ben Reilly Costume
    Cheat code: CLUBNOIR

    Pulsating Head
    Cheat code: EGOTRIP

    All Comic Books
    Cheat code: FANBOY

    Cartoonish Spider-Man
    Cheat code: FUNKYTWN

    Infinite Webbing
    Cheat code: GLANDS

    Amazing Bag Man Costume
    Cheat code: KICK ME

    All Comic Book Covers
    Cheat code: KIRBYFAN

    Unlock Everything
    Cheat code: LEANEST

    Spider-Man 2099 Costume
    Cheat code: MIGUELOH

    Level Select
    Cheat code: MME WEB

    Peter Parker Costume
    Cheat code: MRWATSON

    Character Viewer
    Cheat code: RGSGLLRY

    Storyboard Viewer
    Cheat code: ROBRTSON

    J. James Jewett
    Cheat code: RULUR

    Symbiote Spider-Man Costume
    Cheat code: SECRTWAR

    Quick Change Spider-Man Costume
    Cheat code: SM LVIII

    Stickman Spider-Man
    Cheat code: STICKMAN

    Spider-Man Unlimited Costume
    Cheat code: SYNOPTIC

    Captain Universe Costume
    Cheat code: TRISNTNL

    What If? Mode
    Cheat code: UATUSEES

    Full Health
    Cheat code: WEAKNESS

    Scarlet Spider Costume
    Cheat code: XILRTRNS

Have More Cheats?

If you have another cheat for this video game? Please send it in and we will add it to our video game cheats index shortly.

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