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World of Warcraft Screen Hacks

Use the info below to get the most out of your WoW screen real estate.


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World of Warcraft Screen Hacks - Use Your Space Wisely

If you have looked at the screen shots of very popular World of Warcraft raiders like Kungen or pvpers like the SK Gaming crews you may have noted how panned out their view of everything is. You may have even tried to find that visual setting in your screen view options.

Some may just want a change in their in game art screens. Some like those who detail their car with stickers want to mod everything. Keep in mind these mods do not directly affect anyone's game play but their own as the player is the only one to see it. So why not?

Considering these screen hacks are no more difficult to install or implement then mods affecting the ui, you would figure people would do this more. But World of Warcraft screen hacks are not as well know as most. Many accept that they cannot get the screen to pan out and leave it be. As rare as they are, there are some little known hacks that can visually enhance your play experience.

Loading Screen Hacks

The loading screen art tend to one of the most detailed art pieces Blizzard allows players to see every time they log on. The art as gorgeous as it is, never changes unless a major patch happens or a new expansion. Some get bored and what to add in their own art. Keep in mind that this method (last I checked) is under that murky gray area for acceptable mods. Use at your own discretion.

Many custom screen files made for WoW are readily available for down load or can be self made using programs such as My Warcraft Studio and a .png to .blp converter.

To do this go into your computer's WoW directory folders and find enUS (or enGB), then open locale-enUS.MPQ (enGB.MPQ). Go on to Interface > GLUES > Loading Screens. Paste your edited file in this folder (the data folder) - not to name it something like patch-L.MPQ making sure the MPQ is in caps and that the first word (patch) is in lower case. This is to differentiate your new addition from the games files.

Assuming the file is not broken or in the wrong size it should replace your loading screens. If not the game will green screen and crash. If this happens just go back to the folder you pasted the file in and delete the file; the special name you gave it will make the file easy to find.

Screen View Hack

Some people just want to see everything. Some find that the extra view range helps when their real estate is taken up by addons or just helps in situational awareness. But the game even with the best system hardware can only pan out but so far. But there is a hack that uses the console commands (yes WoW has them) to increase screen view distance.

To max out your camera distance just type in game /console SET "cameraDistanceMax" 250 . This should max the setting out allowing the camera to show most raid encounter rooms fully to both sides, behind and in front of you.

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