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More World of Warcraft UI Tricks

Learn more of the tricks you can do with World of Warcraft's user interface.


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The user interface (UI) in World of Warcraft is a very useful tool that links the player to the in game actions of the avatar. At start it displays two button rows, has the main character panned in so that you see directly behind the character. These base settings are great for starting out, but the farther in you get into the game, the more one tends to tweek setting around to make for a more enjoyable experience.

The control panel in World of Warcraft allows for smaller things like panning the view out behind and around the character, quest text speed, clearer graphics (if your system allows it), and more. A few tweeks were mentioned in a previous article; here are a few others that may help with the play experience.

Clearer Screen Shots

Many enjoy taking many screen shots of their favorite moments in World of Warcraft. From in game achievements like raids, or PvP battles, to funny chat logs, to even proving in game disputes, the in game screen capture function is a well used addition.

But many a UI has cluttered an otherwise beautiful shot or ruined say an role playing event between players. Some moments are just best without the player UI taking it over. You can hide said UI by merely pressing Alt-Z. This will hide all interface buttons and things that only the player can see showing only the player and their avatar.

Even titles and names are hidden from the screen. Now unless you have a great memory and know all your key bindings by heart, do not do this in the middle of a raid or pvp scenario!

Camera Flipping

When the window for in game key bindings is opened up, a lengthy list of commands and what keys (if any) currently assigned will show up. Amongst the obvious ones like strafe or action keys, there is an option for 'camera flip'. This option by default is not bound to anything. This command basically flips the camera view so that you can look from behind your avatar, allowing you to see what's behind you instead of the normal front view.

This option is at it most useful when your trying to run away from mobs, other players, guards. Great to see if your pursuers have broken chase or if they are still on your six.

Faster Quest Text

In game there is an option to tweek quest text speeds from the default slow text reveal. Having faster text (which is highly suggested) can make talking to wandering quest givers easier, save time, and even make turning in quests in areas - especially highly trafficked/contested areas way easier.

But if you wish to speed up text even more, just input these commands into your chat window:

Speedy Quest



/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quest's are now SUPER SPEEDY!");

To put the speed back to normal type in:

Regular Quest



/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quest's are now regular speed!");

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