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World of Warcraft Codes - PC

A full list of emotion codes available in World of Warcraft on the PC.


World of Warcraft Emotion Codes Cheat Sheet - PC

World of Warcraft Codes

Emotion Codes
Emotes (Emotion codes) are commands which make your character in World of Warcraft perform movements such as waving, coughing, dancing or pointing. They're an excellent way to convey a feeling to those around you and much quicker with more impact than typing your message in the chat window. WoW supports well over 150 different built-in emotes that can help players immerse even better into the game world especially on the Role Playing (RP) servers.

To perform an Emote, type in the chat window: /agree
This will perform the Emote and anyone around you will see you. You can also direct your Emote to an individual by selecting the person and then typing /whistle and you will whistle to that particular person. It will also automatically generate "You whistle to <person's name>." The following is a full list of emotion codes for the World of Warcraft video game on PC.

Full List of World of Warcraft Emotion Codes

    /angry, /mad
    /apologize, /sorry
    /belch, /burp
    /bleed, /blood
    /blood, /bleed
    /blow, /kiss
    /bonk, /doh
    /burp, /belch
    /bye, /farewell, /goodbye
    /cat, /catty, /scratch
    /chew, /eat
    /chicken, /flap, /strut
    /congrats, /congratulate
    /cower, /fear
    /crack, /knuckles
    /cry, /sob, /weep
    /cuddle, /spoon
    /disappointed, /frown
    /doh, /bonk
    /doom, /threat, /threaten, /wrath
    /drink, /shindig
    /eat, /chew
    /farewell, /bye, /goodbye
    /fear, /cower
    /feast, /food, /hungry
    /fidget, /impatient
    /flap, /chicken, /strut
    /flex, /strong
    /food, /feast, /hungry
    /frown, /disappointed
    /glad, /happy, /yay
    /goodbye, /bye, /farewell
    /greet, /greetings
    /grin, /wicked, /wickedly
    /grovel, /peon
    /happy, /glad, /yay
    /hello, /hi
    /hungry, /feast, /food
    /impatient, /fidget
    /jk (just kidding)
    /kiss, /blow
    /knuckles, /crack
    /lavish, /praise
    /laugh, /lol
    /lay, /laydown, /lie,
    /lol, /laugh
    /mad, /angry
    /nosepick, /pick
    /peon, /grovel
    /pest, /shoo
    /pick, /nosepick
    /praise, /lavish
    /question, /talkq
    /raise, /volunteer
    /rasp, /rude
    /rdy, /ready
    /rude, /rasp
    /scratch, /cat, /catty
    /shindig, /drink
    /shoo, /pest
    /sob, /cry, /weep
    /sorry, /apologize
    /spoon, /cuddle
    /strong, /flex
    /strut, /chicken, /flap
    /talkq, /question
    /thank, /thanks,/ty
    /threat, /threaten, /doom, /wrath
    /ty, /thank, /thanks
    /volunteer, /raise
    /weep, /cry, /sob
    /wicked, /wickedly, /grin
    /wrath, /threat, /threaten, /doom
    /yay, /glad, /happy

World of Warcraft Voice Emotes

Voice emotes are emotes that have actual speech files in World of Warcraft that play out when you execute them. For example, typing "/v inc" will cause your character to say "Incoming" and everyone that is near you will be able to hear that "Incoming" being played on the speakers.

The following is a list of available voice emotes available in the World of Warcraft video game.

    /v assist, as
    /v charge
    /v cheer
    /v fire
    /v flee, run
    /v flirt
    /v follow, followme, fol
    /v goodbye, bye
    /v grats, congrats
    /v heal
    /v hello
    /v help
    /v incoming, inc
    /v no
    /v outofmana, oom
    /v raspberry, rasp
    /v silly
    /v thanks, thank, thankyou
    /v train
    /v wait
    /v yes
    /v welcome

Special thanks to Chris C. for the above information.

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