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Phantasy Star Universe - Leveling Force Techniques Quickly - PC, Xbox 360, PS2

Use these 'techniques' to level your techs quickly in Phantasy Star Universe


Level Force Tech Spells Quickly

The role of a force and/or fortecher is crucial to the success of a PSU party. Whether you're going up against an S-Rank mission, or simply a C-Rank mission at lower character levels, the help of a force can make all the difference - especially when the force has their techniques leveled up. The tips explained in this article will work for Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS2.

Techniques for forces fall into a few different categories. There are bow techniques, restoration type techniques (like Resta and Reverser), card techniques, buffing techniques (like Shifta and Deband), and Debuffing techniques (like Jellen and Zalure). Each of these technique type have a different way of leveling, but they each evolve at levels 11 and 21, so shoot for those targets.

Leveling Bow and Card Techniques in PSU

The bow that a force uses can become an extremely effective offensive weapon once it has leveled up past 21, and while it may seem like it is taking forever to level it, just be patient, as there is no real trick to leveling these type of techniques. Basically, the more you hit an enemy (meaning score points against the enemy by using the technique) the more it levels. You can always use the same type of tech against an enemy. For example; use fire bows against a fire creature, this will mean you get more hits against them before they die.

Leveling Restore Force Techniques in PSU

While the benefits of leveling up resta and reverser may seem a bit mute, as they level their effective range becomes larger. At level 21 and above you can resta and reverser the party from well across a room, so leveling these techniques is well worth it, even if it means you won't have to cross the whole room to help a friend. Same standard applies here - the more you use this tech, the more it levels. The number of people your resta or reverser heals when they are cast counts as well. See a friend in need, cast. Better yet, cast on the whole group after each mob of enemies. You can also go into a level where you are hit by creatures minimally, let them hit you, cast resta, rinse, repeat. It doesn't matter if you are restoring 1 HP or 1000 HP, the effect it has on leveling the tech is the same.

Leveling Buffing Force Techniques in PSU

These buffing techniques (which include Shifta, Deband, Zodial, Megistar, Retier, and others) help a party out immensely by boosting their stats in different areas. Luckily, these are also the easiest to level up, considering that they can be cast on top of each other, consecutively, and still have it count towards leveling the spell. The quickest way to level these spells is to go into a mission that has a re charger station, such as variations of the Mad Creatures level (third block). The idea behind these spells is that they level up based on how many people are effected by them - the more people (and NPC players) you cast on, the quicker they will level up.

These techs last for two minutes at levels 1-10, 3 minutes at levels 11-20, and 4 minutes at level 21+, so leveling them is recommended. So this is going to be boring, and will get a bit expensive, but its worth it. Bring as many people as you can into the mission with you, including any NPC characters or Partner Machinery you have the card for, and make your way to the charger. Once there, simply cast the spells over and over until it is leveled where you want it. With the convenience of the charger, you could potentially level 1-30 while you're there, but this will take some time. Be ready to grab a drink and have something to talk about with your friends!

Leveling Debuff Force Techniques in PSU

Debuffing techniques such as Jellen, Zalure, Zoldeel, etc. all level up in the same manner. The moment you cast them on an enemy, their percentage goes up, the more enemies you cast on the better. To level these types of techniques up quickly, go into an area that has allot of enemies on the board at one time, such as Sleeping Warriors on C-Rank. You'll want to pick C-Rank because you aren't actually going to kill these enemies, and you don't want them beating you up while you are leveling the techs.

Temporarily link these photon arts to all the wands, rods, or staffs you are carrying and enter the level. If the first room has about six enemies then that is perfect, since you'll cast these spells on them until you need to return to the city for a photon charge. Again, this is very monotonous and boring, but one thing to keep in mind is that these techniques actually have a greater impact than buffing techs do, of equal level, and they can be used to quickly tag enemies later on to gain experience in battles.

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