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Eagle Eye Golf Cheats - PS2

Cheats for Eagle Eye Golf on PS2.


Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

The following cheats, codes, and secrets are available for Eagle Eye Golf on the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console.

Air Ball
Win Country Cup (Tour Pro event)

Air Club
Complete Mission Level 3

Air Glove
Win the Amateur Tournament (Amateur event)

Air Spin Ball
Win Eagle Cup (Junior Pro event)

Antique Club
Win Winter Open (World Pro event)

Avalon's Hill
Complete all Senior Pro tournaments

Beat him in Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Blue Necklace
Win the Scorpio Cup (Pro-Ams event)

Bone Ball
Win Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Beat him in Eden Tradition (World Pros event)

Camel Shoes
Win the Challenge Cup (Pro-Ams event)

Carbon Club
Win the Sakura Cup (Amateur event)

Control Club
Win Junior Tour (Junior Pro event)

Crystal Badge
Win 30 consecutive Survival matches

Crystal Park
Complete all Junior Pro tournaments

Custom Club
Win Amapro Tournament (Pro-Am event)

Cyber Ball
Win 50 consecutive Survival matches

Beat him in Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Draw Chain
Win Diamond League (World Pros event)

Eden's Garden
Complete all Tour Pro tournaments

Edge Ball
Win British Cup (Senior Pro event)

Edge Club
Win 10 consecutive Survival matches

Beat her in the World Tournament (Senior Pros event)

Flying Club
Win Azalea Tournament (Senior Pro event)

Force Club
Win The Emperors (Special event)

Beat him in Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Garnet Ring
Win Victoria Cup (Tour Pro event)

Grass Ball
Win Dream Cup (Junior Pro event)

Grass Club
Win Dead Leaf Tour (World Pro event)

Green Necklace
Win Eden Tradition (World Pros event)

Heated Glove
Win Southern Cross (Senior Pros event)

Heavy Shoes
Complete Mission Level 1

Hermit Ball
Win 80 consecutive Survival matches

Win 70 consecutive Survival matches

Beat her in the Junior Tour (Junior Pros event)

Beat her in Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Light Ball
Win the Open Nights (Pro-Ams event)

Light Shoes
Win Vesper Cup (Tour Pro event)

Master Club
Win Crystal Open (Junior Pro event)

Metal Bat
Win 60 consecutive Survival matches

Metal Club
Win the Challenge Cup (Pro-Ams event)

Middle Chain
Complete Mission Level 5

Win 100 consecutive Survival matches

Persimmon Club
Complete Mission Level 2

Power Club
Win Classic Open (Junior Pro event)

Premium Nights
Complete all amateur tournaments

Princess Club
Win National League (World Pro event)

Beat him in Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Rock Club
Win 40 consecutive Survival matches

Sand Club
Win Japan Cup (Senior Pro event)

Beat her in the Victoria Cup (Tour Pro event)

Smart Ball
Win Platinum League (World Pro event)

Smart Glove
Win Master's Cup (World Pros event)

Smart Shoes
Win Gold Cup (Senior Pros event)

Spin Ball
Win the Hiyodori Cup (Amateur event)

Spin Club
Win World Tournament (Senior Pro event)

Star Ball
Win Owl Cup (Junior Pro event)

Steel Club
Win the Desert Open (Amateur event)

Super Ball
Win 20 consecutive Survival matches

Beat him in the Sakura Cup (Amateur event)

Upper Chain
Win Bronze Cup (Senior Pros event)

Beat her in Avalon's Survival (Special event)

Wide Ball
Win Castle League (Tour Pro event)

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