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NFL Blitz 2003 Cheats - PS2

Cheats for NFL Blitz 2003 on PS2.


Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

The following cheats, codes, and secrets are available for NFL Blitz 2003 on the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console.

All Stadiums
3-1-4 Right

Allow Out of Bounds
2-1-1 Left

Always QB (Two Humans on Team)
2-2-2 Left

Always Receiver (Two Humans on Team)
2-2-2 Right

Arctic Station
0-3-4 Down

Armageddon Team
5-4-3 Right

Auto-Passing Icon
0-0-3 Up

Big Feet
0-2-5 Left

Big Head Teams
2-0-3 Right

Big Heads
2-0-0 Right

Bilders Team
3-1-0 Up

Brew Dawgs Team
4-3-2 Down

Central Park
0-3-3 Right

Cheat Mode
Press L2, R2, and X (Juke, Turbo, and Hurdle) to change the icons below the helmets on the Versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times you press each button. After the icons change, press the D-pad in the indicated direct

Chimp Mode
0-2-5 Up

Chrome Ball
0-3-0 Down

Classic Ball
0-3-0 Left

Clear Weather
1-2-3 Right

Crunch Mode Team
4-0-3 Right

Disable Auto-Passing Icon
0-0-3 Down

Extra Play for Offense
3-3-3 Down

Extra Time
0-0-1 Right

Fast Passes
2-4-0 Left

Faster Running
0-3-2 Left

Ground Fog
2-3-2 Down

Gsmers Team
5-0-1 Up

Huge Heads
1-4-5 Left

Midway Team
2-5-3 Right

More Code Entry Time
2-1-2 Right

More Fumbles
3-4-5 Up

Neo Tokyo Team
3-4-4 Down

No CPU Assist
1 0-1-2 Down

No First Downs
1 2-1-0 Up

No Highlighting Receivers
3-2-1 Down

No Interceptions
3-5-5 Up

No Punting
1-4-1 Up

No Random Fumbles
1 5-2-3 Down

No Replays
5-5-4 Right

Noftle Mode
3-2-5 Up

Power Loader
0-2-5 Right

Power-up Defense
4-2-1 Up

Power-up Linemen
5-2-1 Up

Power-up Offense
4-1-2 Up

Rollos Team
2-5-4 Up

Show More Field
1 0-2-1 Right

Showtime Mode
3-5-1 Right

Smart CPU Teammates
3-1-4 Down

Super Blitzing
0-5-4 Up

Super Field Goals
1-2-3 Left

Tournament Mode
1 1-1-1 Down

Training Grounds
0-3-5 Up

Unlimited Turbo
4-1-5 Up

Weather: Rain
5-5-5 Right

Weather: Snow
5-5-5 Left

More Hints and Tips

Some of the above codes were submitted anonymously.

More Cheats and Hints

There may be additional cheats, codes, hints and tips for this game listed in our forums or our cheat code index. xbsdb

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