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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats - PS2

Cheats for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on PS2.


Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

The following cheats, codes, and secrets are available for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console.

2 Village of Sand stages
Beat Gaara's story mode.

Anbu Rank
Get 2,170 EXP.

Capsule Machine for Collectors
Achieve "Chunnin" rank.

Capsule Machine for Maniacs
Achieve "Anbu" rank.

Chibi Battle
While playing in Versus mode, hold Square while the fighter's names are spoken (for example, Naruto vs. Sasuke). Continue holding Square through the intermission sequence to fight with the Chibi version of the characters.

Chunnin Rank
Get 500 EXP.

Genin Rank
Get 50 EXP.

Great Naruto Bridge
Complete Haku's story mode.

Hokage Rank
Get 2,490 EXP.

Jonin Rank
Get 1,750 EXP.

Kazekage'ss Mansion
Complete Gaara's story mode.

S Rank Mission #11
Finish Icha Icha Paradise (99 times each pair). Complete S Rank Mission #2 Icha Icha Paradise.

S Rank Mission #12
Collect 9,999,999 worth of money. Finish all non-S Rank missions (Hokage rank).

Special Jonin Rank
Get 1,150 EXP.

Sumanigo Estate and Buddha Statue
Complete Gaara's story mode.

Zabuza's Hideout
Complete Haku's story mode.

Cursed Marked Sasuke
Achieve "Chunnin" rank.

Finish Zabuza's story mode.

Finish Hinata's story mode.

Hinata Hyuuga
Finish Neji's sory mode.

Kyuubi Naruto
Complete all B rank missions.

Neji Hyuuga
Finish story mode with any of the 6 original characters.

Nine-Tailed Naruto
Reach Jonin Rank (1,750 EXP) in Mission mode to unlock Nine-Tailed Naruto in Mission, Practice, and Free Battle modes.

Finish Gaara's story mode.

Zabuza Momochi
Finish Haku's story mode.

Chunnin Testing Stage
Foreground: Run through the tunnel from the left entrance and exit the right. Repeat 3 times. Make sure you wall run out of the tunnel each time.

Exercise Ground Forest of Death
Foreground: Attack the fish on the left 3 times.

Free Battle
With 1 or 2 players in Free Battle mode, use Sasuke and fight Naruto 11 times or more to get a hidden scroll.

Great Naruto Bridge
Foreground: Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the boat.

Hero's Gravestone
Attack your opponent's support character 5 times.

Hokage's Statue Stage
Foreground: Jump repeatedly on the tree to the left.

Kikyo Castle
Background: Stand on the top tail tip of the fish statue while the timer gauge ticks down for 10 seconds.

Lookout Tower
Background: Shatter the purple barrier that stops you from plane shifting. Jump from the top of the frog to the snake, then jump back, without falling or touching the ground. The easiest way to do this is to jump forward then double jump at the last moment. Then perform an air dash toward the snake's head. Use the same moves to return to the frog's head. This must be done before the snake starts breathing fire.

Nightly Rooftop
Background: Stand on the tail of the right fish statue until the scroll appears.

Ramen Shop
Foreground: Hit the lanterns so each of them grows red.

Sunagim Estate and Buddha Statue
Background: Plane shift to the top of the level and destroy the object flying within the tornado. Do this 8 times to obtain the scroll.

Survival Stage
Background: Destroy the doll on the right 10-15 times.

Wind Clan
Foreground: Keep attacking the vending machine until the scroll shows up.

Zabuza's Home
Background: Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the balcony.

Play any character in a different-colored outfit
Press and hold L2 and R1, then press X.

More Hints and Tips

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