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Blitz The League Cheats & Codes for PS2

Cooperative mode, stamina disabled, unleash clan mode and more Blitz cheats.


The following cheat codes for Blitz: The League are entered via the CHEATS menu in the game.

Two Player Co-Op mode

Enter CHUWAY as a cheat code.

Stamina Disabled

Enter NOTTIRED as a cheat code.

Double Unleash Icons

Enter PIPPED as a cheat code.

Super Clash Mode

Enter CLASHY as a cheat code.

Super Unleash Clash Mode

Enter BIGDOGS as a cheat code.

Ball Trailer Always On

Enter ONFIRE as a code.

Beach Ball

Enter BOUNCY as a code.

Training Mode Bonuses

Successfully complete all training goals to unlock new game modes.

Blitz The League Game Modes

  • All Or Nothing: Score in one set of downs or turn it over.
  • Big Head: Big heads.
  • Bonecrushers: Bone breaks in almost all hits.
  • Buttafingaz: Every hit causes fumble.
  • Cyberball: Robot football with no downs and exploding ball.
  • David vs. Goliath: Big players versus smaller faster players.
  • Deuces Wild: Safeties and two pointers are two points, everything else worth one point.
  • Domination: Make it take it.
  • Lucky Sevens : Every play you have the ball deducts one point from a touchdown.
  • No Injuries: No injuries.
  • Pain: Touchdowns, dirty hits, and unleashed hits will score points.
  • Windbreakers: Farts.

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