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Flatout Cheats and Secrets - PS2

Cheats, codes, and glitches for Flatout on the PlayStation 2


Cheat Codes

The following cheats are available for Flatout on the PlayStation 2 console.

Cheats for Flatout are entered as profile names.

    Lots Of Cash
    Cheat code: GIVECASH
    Note: this code will only work once, however, there is a workaround listed below to use it again.

    Unlocks Everything
    Cheat code: GIVEALL

    Gear Up Button Launches Ragdoll
    Cheat code: Ragdoll

Flatout Glitches

Using the GIVECASH code is a great way to start the game, but if you need more cash you can do the following:

Remove your memory card, reset the game, enter the GIVECASH code again, then input the memory card. It will save the cash to the profile again.

Have More Cheats?

If you have another cheat for this video game please send it in and we will add it to our video game cheats index shortly.

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