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Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction PS2 Cheats and Codes

Ultimate Destruction Cheats Codes and Walkthroughs


Incredible Hulk Cheat Codes

The following codes are entered in the cheats / passcode menu:

  • FROGGIE — Wild traffic.
  • CHZGUN — Cow missiles.
  • SMASH# or SMASH## — Replace # with 5, 10, or 15 for that multiple of Smash Points (in thousands).

Additional Ultimate Destruction Codes

The following codes are also entered via the cheats menu, however, most must be unlock in the game by finding the comic books before entering the code:

  • Double Health Power-up Values: BRINGIT
  • Double Damage from Hulk: DESTROY
  • Black and White Graphics: RETRO
  • Sepia Tone Graphics: HISTORY
  • Australian Flag Shorts: AUSSIE
  • Canadian Flag Shorts: OCANADA
  • French Flag Shorts: DRAPEAU
  • German Flag Shorts: DEUTSCH
  • Italian Flag Shorts: MUTANDA
  • Japanese Flag Shorts: FURAGGU
  • Spanish Flag Shorts: BANDERA
  • U.K. Flag Shorts: FSHNCHP
  • U.S. Flag Shorts: AMERICA
  • Joe Fixit (Gray Hulk) skin: SUITFIT
  • Gray Hulk Without Suit Skin: CLASSIC
  • The Abomination Skin: VILLAIN
  • Low Gravity: PILLOWS
  • All Vehicles Are Taxis: CABBIES
  • All Vehicles Are Buses: TRANSIT
  • Aggressive Traffic: FROGGIE
  • Big Blue Gorilla Balloons: KINGKNG
  • Cow Missiles: CHZGUN

Thanks to Phil H, NYC for the updated list.

Unlock Savage Banner

Once you have completed the game you can purchase Savage Banner from the move shop.

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