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Kung Fu Panda Cheat Codes - PS2

Cheats, codes, and secrets for Kung Fu Panda on the Sony PS2.


Kung Fu Panda Cheats - PS2

Cheat Codes

The following cheats are available for Kung Fu Panda on the PlayStation 2 video game console.

Cheats for Kung Fu Panda are entered within the game's cheat menu.

To enter a cheat go to the Extras menu, then the Cheats menu and input one of the following codes.

Cheat code: Down, Down, Right, Up, Left

Infinite Chi
Cheat code: Down, Right, Left, Up, Down

4X Damage Multiplier
Cheat code: Up, Down, Up, Right, Left

Unlock All Costumes
Cheat code: Right, Left, Down, Up, Right

Unlock All Multiplayer Characters
Cheat code: Left, Down, Left, Right, Down

Activate Big Head Mode in Single Player
Cheat code: Down, Up, Left, Right, Right

Unlock Dragon Warrior Outfit for Multiplayer
Cheat code: Left, Down, Right, Left, Up

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