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Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Cheats Codes FAQs and Hints for PS2 - page 2

Instant Kills, Camo, and other MGS 3 Snake Eater Cheats and Hints


Virtuous Mission - Frog locations

1. South Dremuchij - Behind some trees above the cliff in the northeast, up at the large hole in the ceiling.
2. Dremujij Swamplands - In the far north beyond the swamp behind some trees in the east. Look close, because it is difficult to see.
3. North Dremuchij - On top of a hollow tree stump in the northeast.
4. Dolinovodno - On top of a post at the south end of the bridge.
5. Rassvet - On the wall in the northwest section of the building, there is a hole in the wall. Look through the hole and you should see it.

Snake Eater - Frog locations

1. East Dremuchij - Amongst a pile of logs in the west of the middle section.
2. North Dremuchij - Atop the hill in the middle of the northern area. Shoot from the west side.
3. Dremuchij Swamplands - On the ground behind a tree on the west side of the swamp.
4. South Dremuchij - In the far southwestern corner atop a high ledge. Climb over the logs to get a shot at it.
5. Dolinovodno - On top of a post on the north side of the bridge.
6. Rassvet - Underneath the stairs on the west side of the building.
7. Chyornyj Prud - Underwater next to a tree in the far northern part of the pond.
8. Bolshaya Past South - In the middle of a group of trees on the southeastern side of an electrical fence in the north.
9. Bolshaya Past Base - Under the corner table in the barracks (bedroom).
10. Bolshaya Crevice Past - In the area to the south where Ocelot's soldiers are located. Climb the tree and look to the south and you should see it.
11. Chyomaya Peschera Cave Branch - From the area where you get the torch, go through the path on the left. Follow it, then crawl through the holes in the ground until you finally reach a hole in the ground with water below. Do not jump in. Instead, look to the south in first person view and you should see it. There is also a set of night vision goggles here. Make sure to get them because they are very useful.
12. Chyornaya Peschera Cave - In the area where you fight The Pain, look up at the large hole in the ceiling. You should see it right on the edge.
13. Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance - In the middle section there is a small area with some ammunition and mines planted. Go in and look up above the way that you came in and you should see it.
14. South Ponizovje - At the very beginning of the area, look to the northwest. You should see it on the land.
15. Ponizovje Warehouse - Exterior - There is a red gate in the southwest. The frog sits on top of it.
16. Ponizovje Warehouse - Very high up on the ceiling on the rafters above the stairs. Look close because it is difficult to spot. You will have to look from the ground in the south because you cant see it from the top of the stairs.
17. West Ponizovje - This area is very easy to miss. In South Ponizovje near the end of the level, there is a hard to see path in the canyon on the left. The frog is underwater behind a grate in the north. Also, in the building in this area you can get your sniper rifle early.
18. Graniny Gorki South - In a tree in the northwest corner. Climb one of the trees to the southeast of this one and look northwest and you should see it.
19. Rokovoj Bereg - On the highest point of a tree in the south.
20. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior - Outside Walls - In the inside of the electric fence in between some trees in the west.
21. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior - Inside Walls - There is a small building in the east that cannot be entered but has a barred window. Look through this barred window and you should see it.
22. Graniny Gorki Lab 1F - On top of the lockers near the stairs. Note - There is not one on the second floor. The first and second floors count as one area.
23. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East - In plain sight in the westernmost cell.
24. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West - On a table against the west wall in the room with the TV.
25. South Svyatogornyj - At the very beginning at the top of the wall with the door you entered the area through.
26. West Svyatogornyj - In the southwest area. It is to the west of a crawl through log and a pitfall.
27. East Svyatogornyj - This place is also easy to miss. When you leave West Svyatogornyj, make sure to take the exit in the northeast, not to the northwest. There is a large building in the northeast section of this area. The frog is on a shelf in the bedroom.
28. South Sokrovenno - Right outside the building with the sniper rifle against the northern wall.
29. North Sokrovenno - On the ground next to a tree at the north end of the upside down "U" shaped area in the south.
30. West Sokrovenno - The far South at the end of the river.

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