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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats Codes FAQs & Hints for PS2

Unlockable characters, special moves and fatalities in Shaolin Monks.


Unlock Scorpion in Story Mode
Beat the game with Liu Kang

Unlock Subzero for Single Player and Cooperative Modes
Beat the game once with Kung Lao

Unlock Mortal Kombat II (Arcade)
Complete all 5 Smoke Missions

Baraka Moves

  • Fatality 1: Press (Down), (Left), (Right), (Right), (Square).
  • Fatality 2: Press (Left)x4, (Square). Cage Moves
  • Fatality 1: Press (Down)x2, (Right)x2, (Square).
  • Fatality 2: Press (Right)x4, (Square).

Kitana Moves

  • Kiss of Death: Press (Right)x4, (Triangle).
  • Head Chop Fatality: Press (Away)x2, (Forward)x2, (Square).

Kung Lao Moves

  • Fatality: Press (Up)x3, (Right), (Square).
  • Arm Cutter: Press (Left), (Right), (Left), (Down), (Square).
  • Body Slice Fatality: Press (Right)x4, (Square).
  • Headache Fatality: Press (Up), (Down), (Up), (Right), (Square).
  • Buzzsaw Fatality: Press (Right)x2, (Up)x2, (Square).
  • Fatality: Press (Left), (Right), (Left)x2, (Square).
  • Many Chops Fatality: Press (Up)x2, (Left), (Up), (Square).
  • Friendly Rabbit Fatality: Press (Up)x3, (Down), (Square).
  • Hat Control Mutality: Press (Left), (Right)x3, (Left), (Triangle).
  • Tornado Mutality: Press (Up), (Right), (Down), (Left), (Triangle).
  • Razor Edge Brutality: Press (Left)x2, (Up)x2, (Circle).

Liu Kang Moves

  • Fire/Kick Combo Fatality: Press (Left), (Right), (Down)x2, (Square).
  • Shaolin Soccer Fatality: Press (Down), (Left), (Up), (Right), (Square).
  • Dragon Fatality: Press (Down), (Right), (Left)x2, (Square).
  • Flipping Uppercut Fatality: Press (Up), (Right), (Down), (Left), (Square).
  • Bonebreak Fatality: Press (Left), (Up)x2, (Right), (Square).
  • Headclap Fatality: Press (Right), (Up), (Right), (Up), (Square).
  • Stomp Fatality: Press (Left)x3, (Up), (Square).
  • Fire Trails Mutality: Press (Up), (Down), (Up), (Down), (Triangle).
  • Rage Mode Brutality: Press (Right), (Up), (Down)x2, (Circle).

Reptile Moves

  • Fatality 1: Press (Left), (Right), (Left), (Down), (Square).
  • Fatality 2: Press (Left)x3, (Down), (Square).

Scorpion Moves

  • Fatality: Press (Up)x2, (Down)x2, (Square).
  • Raise Hell: Press (Down)x3, (Up), (Triangle).

Sub Zero Moves

  • Fatality: Press (Up)x2, (Down), (Up), (Triangle).
  • Brutality: Press (Up), (Down), (Left), (Up), (Circle).
  • Mutality: Press (Up)x2, (Down), (Up), (Triangle).

Johnny Cage Moves

  • Decapitation Uppercut Fatality: Press Left(4), Square.
  • Torso Rip Fatality: Press Down(2), Right(2), Square.

The Pit - Santa Claus and Flying Objects Easter Egg
At Goro's layer, just before you see Reptile, stand by the lion and look at the moon. Wait a short time to see Santa Claus and his Reindeer, a witch, and a rocket ship. There is about a one minute delay between each of them.

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