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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats and Secrets - PS2

Cheats, secrets, and unlockables for Naruto Ultimate Ninja.


Missions Ranks

The following ranks are obtained by playing the missions in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, simply obtain the listed experience points to earn the rank:

    Anbu: Earn 2,170 EXP
    Chunin: Earn 500 EXP
    Genin: Earn 50 EXP
    Hokage: Earn 2,490 EXP
    Jonin: Earn 1,750 EXP
    Special Jonin: Earn 1,150 EXP

Unlockable Characters

The following characters are unlocked in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. To be able to use a character in other game play modes, you will first need to finish their story mode:

    Cursed Marked Sasuke
    Earn Chunnin rank (500 EXP).

    Finish Zabuza's story mode.

    Finish Hinata's story mode.

    Hinata Hyuuga
    Finish Neji's story mode.

    Kyuubi Naruto
    Complete all B Rank missions.

    Neji Hyuuga
    Finish story mode with one of the 6 original characters.

    Finish Garaa's story mode.

    Zabuza Momochi
    Finish Haku's story mode.

Unlockable Capsule Machines

The following capsule machines are unlocked by earning certain ranks within the game:

    Capsule Machine for Collectors
    Earn the rank of Special Jonin (1,150 EXP).

    Capsule Machine for Maniacs
    Earn the rank of Anbu (2,170 EXP).

Hidden Scrolls

The Ramen Ichiraku Stage:
Strike all the lanterns on the lowest level of this stage untill they glow red and are about to break. Do not break them. If done correctly, you will get the hidden Scroll.

Hokage's Mountainside Images Stage:
Jump up and down on the treetop to the left of the center ring. After about ten jumps you will receive the hidden Scroll.

Hero's Memorial Stone Stage:
Strike your enemy's support character five times to receive the hidden Scroll.

Survival Exercise Ground Stage:
Destroy ten of the practice dummies appearing on the back plane to obtain the hidden Scroll.

Look Out Tower Stage:
To get the Scroll, shatter the purple barrier that stops you from plane shifting. Then, go to the giant frog's head. You must jump from the frog's head to the snake's head without falling or touching the ground. The easiest way to do this is to jump forward then double jump at the last moment. Then, perform an air dash toward the snake's head. Then, return to the frog's head using the same move. All this must be done before the snake starts breathing fire. The moment you get back to the frog's head, you will receive the Hidden Scroll.

Chunin Exam Stadium Stage:
Run to the hole in the ground five times to obtain the hidden Scroll. Make sure you wall-run out of the tunnel each time.

Kikyo Castle Stage:
Stand on the top tail tip of the fish statue in the upper-right hand corner of the back plane while the timer gauge ticks down for ten seconds.

Exercise Ground Forest Of Death Stage:
Attack the fish swimming in the stream three times to get the Scroll.

Zabuza's Hideout Stage:
Stand on the building's upper most level and wait for three counts of the time gauge to receive the Scroll.

Great Naruto Bridge Stage:
Stand still on the boat for three counts of the timer gauge to obtain a hidden Scroll.

Kazekage's Mansion Stage:
Attack the vending machine between fifteen and thirty times to get the hidden Scroll.

Sunagimo Estate and Buddha Statue Stage:
Plane shift up to the top of the level and destroy the object flying in the tornado. It will take more than one tornado to complete this.

S Rank Missions

Mission 11
Complete S Rank Mission 2 Icha Icha Paradise to unlock mission 11.

Mission 12
Complete all regular (non-S Rank) missions to unlock Mission 12.

Alternate Costumes

Hold L1 + R1 while choosing a character for an alternate costume.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja cheats and secrets submitted by Rick Horazow.

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