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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Cheats Codes and Secrets for PS2 - THAW Cheats

Unlockable skaters and movies in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland


Cheat Codes for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

    grindXpert - Perfect Grind Balance

    2wheels! - Perfect Manual Balance

    h!tchar!de - Perfect Skitch Balance

    2them00n - Moon Physics / Gravity

Above cheats submitted by Green Blink and Jim N..

Unlockable Movies and Skaters

    American Wasteland
    Beat Story mode on any setting.

    Billie Joe, Boone
    Beat Classic mode on Normal.

    Jimbo, Murphy, Mega
    Beat Story mode on Sick.

    Lil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis
    Beat Story mode on Normal.

    Matt Hoffman, Useless Dave
    Beat Classic mode on Sick.

    Neversoft Skates
    Comlete 100% of Classic mode.

    PED Groub B: Barber, Carnival Worker, Dogtown Guy, French Man
    Get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces and complete Skate Ranch Missions.

    PED Group A: Baller, Welder, Camera Guy, Cholo
    Complete 100% of Story mode.

    PED Group C: Master Zen, Hard Hat Worker, Dogtown Guy 2, Graffiti Dude
    Complete 100% of Classic Mode.

    PED Group D: Oil Rig Worker, Police Man, Performer, Boone in Briefs
    Complete 100% of all Gaps.

    Pro Bails 1
    Beat Classic mode on any setting.

    Pro Bails 2
    Complete 100% of Story mode.

    Robo-Tony, Mindy
    Beat Story mode on Easy.

Cheat Code Passwords

Enter one of the following at the cheat code entry screen to unlock the particular skater.

    Unlocks Mat Hoffman

    Unlocks Jason Ellis

Have Another Cheat or Hint?

If you have another cheat or hint for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland on the PlayStation 2 video game, or any other game we do not have listed send it in.

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