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Tony Hawk's Project 8 Cheats - PS2

Cheat codes for Tony Hawk's Project 8 on the PlayStation 2.


Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes are available for Tony Hawk's Project 8 on the PlayStation 2 video game console. These codes are entered at the cheat menu within the game.

    Always Special Cheat
    Cheat code: jammypack

    Full Stats Cheat
    Cheat code: allthebest

    Perfect Manual Cheat
    Cheat code: frontandback

    Perfect Rail Cheat
    Cheat code: balancegalore

    Unlimited Focus Cheat
    Cheat code: shellshock

    Unlock All Specials
    Cheat code: yougotitall

    Unlocks All Decks (except Inkblot and Gamestop)
    Cheat code: needaride

    Unlocks Anchorman
    Cheat code: newshound

    Unlocks Big Realtor
    Cheat code: shescaresme

    Unlocks Bum
    Cheat code: enterandwin

    Unlocks Christian Hosoi
    Cheat code: hohohosoi

    Unlocks Colonel and Security Guard
    Cheat code: militarymen

    Unlocks Dad and Skater Jam Kid
    Cheat code: strangefellows

    Unlocks Inkblot Deck
    Cheat code: birdhouse

    Unlocks Jason Lee
    Cheat code: notmono

    Unlocks Kevin Staab
    Cheat code: mixitup

    Unlocks Mascot
    Cheat code: manineedadate

    Unlocks Nerd
    Cheat code: wearelosers

    Unlocks Photography Girl And Filmer
    Cheat code: themedia

    Unlocks Skinny Real Estate Agent
    Cheat code: sellsellsell

    Unlocks Travis Barker
    Cheat code: plus44

    Unlocks Twin
    Cheat code: badverybad

    Unlocks Zombie
    Cheat code: suckstobedead

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