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Warriors Cheats and Secrets for PS2 - The Warriors Cheats

Unlockable characters, gameplay modes and other cheats for The Warriors.


Cheat Codes

The following cheats are available for The Warriors on the PlayStation 2. Cheats are entered during gameplay.

    100% Completion
    L1, Select, Square, Down, L2, Right

    200 dollars, 3 Flash, and Cans
    R1, R2, L1, X, Down, L1

    Square, R2, Down, Down, L1, L1

    Bum Advice Upgrade
    Circle, Circle, Down, R2, L2, Circle

    Complete Current Mission
    Down, Square, X, Select, R1, Left

    Infinite Rage
    Square, Circle, Triangle, Select, X, Left

    Infinite Sprint

    Down, Down, Select, Up, Up, L3

    Lose Cops
    Up, Select, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square

    L1, X, R1, R1, Select, R2

    R2, Circle, Select, Up, L1, Right

    Unbreakable Bat
    L3, L3, Circle, Up, Circle, Select

    Unlock Combat Stamina Upgrade
    X, L1, Down, Square, Up, X

    Unlock Cuff Drops
    UP, X, Up, Select, L3, L1

    Unlock Cuff Key Drops
    Left, X, X, R2, L1, Down

    Unlock Flash Capacity Upgrade
    L2, X, R2, L1, L1, Circle

    Unlock Flash Upgrade
    Down, Left, Up, Up, Square, Right

    Unlock Hobo Alliance
    R1, R1, L1, R1, L1, Up

    Unlock Sprint Stamina Upgrade
    L2, Select, Select, Select, Select, Triangle

    Unlocks Steel-Toe Boots
    R3, R2, R1, L3, L2, L1

    Unlocks Uncuff Self
    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Select, Triangle, R1

    Unlocks Weapons Dealer
    Right, R1, Circle, X, Select, Square

    Unlocks Brass Knuckles
    Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, Select, Triangle

    Infinite Health
    Up, Triangle, L3, Select, X, L2

Mini-Game Cheat

While playing the Armies of the Night mini-game, enter the following code to get 99 credits.

    99 Credits
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right

Credits Mini-Game

Successfully complete the game, then during the ending credits you can play as the Riffs and fight against the Rogues on the beach.

Play as the Riffs vs The Rogues

Beat the game.

Unleash Fury Mode

Beat the game on the Hardcor Soldier difficulty to unlock the Unleash the Fury difficulty. In this new difficulty mode you play through the main game as the Baseball Furys gang.

Unlock Armies of the Night Mini Game

Beat the game on any difficulty, completeing the main and flashback missions and when you return to your hangout there will be an arcade box featuring The Armies of the Night, a testament to old school 2D brawlers.

Unlockables For Extra Damage, Health, And Equipment

Beat the Listed Bonus Mission

    Adelphion As Rumble Character
    Help Get Back The Tiki Costume

    Brass Knuckles
    Beat The Hurricanes In Turf Invasion

    Hand Cuffs To Use On Enemies
    Arrest The Coney Stalker

    Increased Flash Capacity
    Run To Twiggys Store And Get a Foam Finger While Dosed On Flash

    Free Twiggys Contacts

    Steel Toed Boots
    Beat The Jones Street Boys In Turf Invasion

The Warriors cheats and codes for PlayStation 2 subitted by Nick Southard

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