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Killzone PS2 Gameshark Codes

Gameshark Media Version Codes for PS2's Killzone


The following code must be on for the others to work correctly:

76082230 00000000
985B0893 7826AE2D

Infinite Health

760FE380 00000000
2805D18B 0CA57A65
2805D119 0B348540
2805D122 0B56852D
2805D10A DB5685D0

Infinite Stamina

760D53C0 00000000
2839D2FB 01963EE5
2839D288 642DE4F2
2839D22B 469669D8

Infinite Ammo (No Reload Required)

760B1040 00000000
2832E62D 0CA57A65

Maximum Primary Ammo

76020150 00000000
2816ED0C D2F77A15
2816ED72 6F96E485
2816EDA1 F8AA7AF1
2816ED78 6D2D7A6F
285DD993 7842696F

Maximum Secondary Ammo

7606EF20 00000000
2816ED40 FB3A7A1E
2816EDD8 6FC97A4F
2816EDD0 6DE97A65
285D5201 78426965
285D5265 0CA57A65

Unlock All Levels

7608FFD0 00000000
2807C3F2 6F157A56

Guns Don't Overheat

760D7BB0 00000000
2816EDCF B1E86965
2816ED37 B1B9F665
2816EDA5 F8AA7AF1
2816ED3A D7B5ACF2
285D71CF 78426903

Mission Complete

760F1420 00000000
D86613E8 0CA5CBA7
084B76F7 0CA57A56

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