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God of War III Cheats - PS3

Cheats, codes, and secrets for God of War III on the PS3.


Cheat Codes

There are currently no working cheat codes for God of War III (God of War 3) on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console. If you know of one we've missed please let us know.

God of War III Gameplay Tips Video

We've produced a helpful video to help you along your journey through God of War 3, you can view the God of War gameplay tips video for more help.

Trophies List

The following trophies can be unlocked in God of War III on the PS3. To unlock a trophy simply complete the indicated task from the list below.

Are You Horny to Win? (Silver Trophy)
Collect all of the Minotaur Horns.

Bloody Hell (Bronze Trophy)
Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies.

Eye Candy (Silver Trophy)
Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes.

Feather Plucker (Silver Trophy)
Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers.

Hit Man (Bronze Trophy)
Perform a 1000-hit combo.

Hitting Your Stride (Bronze Trophy)
Upgrade any weapon to the next level.

It's getting hot in here… (Bronze Trophy)
Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo.

Maxed Out! (Silver Trophy)
Completely upgrade all weapons.

Mr. Hand (Bronze Trophy)
Discover the secret 'Hades Arm' room.

Nice Tan (Bronze Trophy)
Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios.

No Guts, No Glory (Bronze Trophy)
Gut 3 Centaur Generals.

Obedience School (Bronze Trophy)
Deliver 50 kicks to Hounds.

Priceless (Gold Trophy)
Collect all of the 'Godly Possessions'.

Rip One! (Bronze Trophy)
Rip apart 1 Olympus Sentry.

Souled Out (Bronze Trophy)
Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades.

Unhuman (Gold Trophy)
Beat Titan Mode.

Up to the Challenge (Gold Trophy)
Beat the Challenge of Olympus.

Vengeance Complete (Gold Trophy)
Beat the game.

More Cheats and Hints

There may be additional cheats, codes, hints and tips for this game listed in our forums or our cheat code index.

Have another cheat code, hint, or tip for this game? Let us know and we will add it to this page. You can submit a cheat directly to us, or post in the Video Game Cheats forum.

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