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James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace Cheats - PS3

Cheats, codes, and secrets for James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace on the PS3.


Cheat Codes

There are no true cheat codes for James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace on the PlayStation 3 video game console. There are unlockable trophies, which are listed below. There may also be user submitted hints and tips for the game, take a look at the bottom of this article for hints and tips.


The following trophies can be unlocked in James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace on the PS3. Simply perform the indicated task to unlock the listed trophy.

3030 was a double - Bronze
Eliminate 100 players while in cover across all games.

A licensed troubleshooter - Bronze
Eliminate 100 players with the Golden Gun in Golden Gun mode.

A measure of comfort - Silver
Eliminate 1,000 players across all games played.

A View To Kill - Bronze
Complete White's Estate.

Achieved 00 Status - none
Achieved 00 Status.

Allow me - Bronze
In Venice, defeat Gettler with one shot.

Any thug can kill - Bronze
In Casino Royale, reach the spa room without alerting or attacking the guards.

Casino Royale - Bronze
Complete Montenegro Train, Casino Royale, and Casino Poison.

Chemin de Fer - Bronze
Unlock and purchase all weapons, grenades, attachments, gadgets, and golden weapons.

Diamonds Are Forever - Bronze
Hack all locks.

Die Another Day - Bronze
Escape as Bond in Bond Evasion mode.

Dr. No - Bronze
Win a round as Bond in Bond Versus mode.

Ejector seat, you're joking? - Bronze
Unlock and purchase all gadgets.

In Airport, save the Skyfleet servers without breaking stealth.

For England, James? - Gold
Earn over 100,000 in credits.

For Your Eyes Only - Bronze
Disable 10 cameras.

From Russia With Love - Bronze
Complete Siena, Opera House, and Sink Hole.

Goldfinger - Bronze
Unlock and purchase all golden weapons.

Half-monk, half-hitman - Bronze
Inside the Science Center, shoot down all the lights in the main hall.

He's coming fast! - Bronze
In Sink Hole, kill the helicopter pilot while the gunners are still alive.

He's playing his golden harp - Silver
Melee the Player with the Golden Gun.

I'm the money - Bronze
In Train, only use the P99 while on the freight train.

I've got a little itch - Bronze
In Barge, save Vesper in under two minutes.

I admire your courage - Bronze
Earn over 1,000 in credits.

I know where you keep your gun - Bronze
Unlock and purchase all weapons.

I miss the Cold War - Bronze
Outside Science Center, defeat each sniper guard with one shot.

Licence to Kill - Bronze
Defeat an enemy with one shot.

Life is full of small challenges - Silver
Earn over 10,000 in credits.

Live and Let Die - Bronze
Takedown 50 enemies.

Moonraker - Bronze
Collect 30 cell phones.

Octopussy - Silver
Complete game on New Recruit.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Bronze
Complete Science Center Exterior, Interior, and Airport.

Opera isn't for everyone - Bronze
In Opera House, move through backstage without alerting the guards.

Quantum of Solace - Bronze
Complete Eco Hotel.

Quite the body count - Bronze
Unlock and purchase all weapon attachments.

Shaken, not stirred - Bronze
Win 5 Territory Control online matches.

The best player in the service - Bronze
Be a top player in an online match.

The Living Daylights - Bronze
Complete Shantytown and Construction Site.

The Man with the Golden Gun - Bronze
Defeat 50 enemies with one shot each.

The name is Bond, James Bond - Gold
Complete game on 007.

The nature of evil - Bronze
Eliminate 10 players while blind firing from cover across all games.

The Spy Who Loved Me - Bronze
Complete Barge and Venice.

The World is Not Enough - Silver
Collect all cell phones.

Thunderball - Silver
Collect all power weapons.

Time to face gravity - Bronze
In White's Estate, open the cellar door with one shot.

Tomorrow Never Dies - Silver
Complete game on Field Operative.

We have people everywhere - Bronze
In Siena, shoot all seven satellite dishes on the rooftops.

Yes. Considerably. - Bronze
Play 100 online matches.

You've defused hundreds of these - Bronze
Defuse a bomb in Bond Versus once.

You just need one shot - Bronze
In Eco Hotel, kill the driver of the car.

You Only Live Twice - Silver
Complete game on Agent.

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