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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats - PS3

Cheats and secrets for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga on PS3.


Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes are available for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga on the PlayStation 3 video game console.

To enter a cheat code in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga go to the Catina and select the Code option, then enter one of the codes listed below.

Unlockable Skill Codes
Disguise - BRJ437
Force Grapple - CLZ738

Unlockable Vehicle Codes
Imperial Shuttle - HUT845
TIE Fighter - DBH897
TIE Interceptor - INT729
Tri Fighter - AAB123
Zam's Speeder - UUU875

Unlockable Character Codes
Admiral Ackbar - ACK646
Battle Droid Commander - KPF958
Boba Fett - LA811Y
Boss Nass - HHY697
Captain Tarpals - QRN714
Count Dooku - DDD748
Darth Maul - H35TUX
Darth Sidious - A32CAM
Ewok - EWK785
General Grievous - PMN576
Greedo - ZZR636
IG-88 - GIJ989
Imperial Guard - GUA850
Jango Fett - KLJ897
Ki Adi Mundi - MUN486
Luminara - LUM521
Padme - VBJ322
R2-Q5 - EVILR2
Sandtrooper - CBR954
Stormtrooper - NBN431
Super Battle Droid - XZNR21
Taun We - PRX482
Vulture Droid - BDC866
Watto - PLL967
Zam Wesell - 584HJF

Other Unlockables

The following can be unlocked in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, but not by the use of codes, you must do the specified action within the game to unlock them.

Unlock Indiana Jones Character
To unlock the Indiana Jones character you must go into the bonus room and watch the trailer for the Indiana Jones game. Once done, Indiana Jones will become a playable character (after you buy him).

Unlock Bonus Mission Anakin's Flight
Collect 30 gold bricks during the game to unlock the bonus mission Anakin's Flight.

Unlock Naboo Starfighter
Once you complete the bonus mission Anakin's Flight you will unlock Naboo Starfighter.

Unlock a Stud Fountain
Once you have collected all 160 gold bricks within the game you will be able to build a stud fountain outside of Mos Eisley Cantina, giving you an unlimited supply of studs.

Unlock Slave 1 Ship
To unlock Slave 1, Boba Fett's ship, you must collect all minikit pieces within the game, there are ten on each level.

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