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MLB '99 Cheats - PS1

Cheats and secrets for MLB '99 on PS1.


The following cheats, codes and secrets are available for MLB '99 on the PlayStation video game console. You can also look for MLB '99 hints and tips, and submit your own. For more PS1 cheats look at the PS1 Cheats index, featuring hundreds of games.

Baseball Bloopers FMV Sequence

At the Start menu let the demo run. Once half an inning ends, a FMV sequence shows along with credits.

Easy Strikes

Aim for the batter's head; they usually swing at it.

Funny Announcements

When you are the pitcher, remain still. The announcer makes several amusing comments until you move.

More Homeruns

Create a player that is 60 inches tall, zero abilities, and small build.

Super Player

Enter Scott Murray (or any development team name) as a player name.

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