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Medal of Honor: Underground Cheats - PS1

Cheats and secrets for Medal of Honor: Underground on PS1.


The following cheats, codes and secrets are available for Medal of Honor: Underground on the PlayStation video game console. You can also look for Medal of Honor: Underground hints and tips, and submit your own. For more PS1 cheats look at the PS1 Cheats index, featuring hundreds of games.

Bouncing Bullets

Enter RICOCHET as a password.

Cartoon Gallery

Enter MOHDESSINS as a password.

Dreamworks Interactive Personal Screens

Enter DWIECRANS as a password.

Grand Cheat Select

Select Options from the main menu, then select "Password." Enter ENTREZVOUS. Go back to the Password screen and enter PORTECLEFS.


Enter PUISSANCE as a password.

Podoski Mode

Enter LATIREUSE as a password.

Quadruple Firing Rate

Enter BALLESVITE as a password.

Team Gallery

Enter MOHUEQUIPE as a password.

Wacky Taxi Mode:

Enter AUTODINGUO as a password.
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