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Need for Speed Cheats - PS1

Cheats and secrets for Need for Speed on PS1.


The following cheats, codes and secrets are available for Need for Speed on the PlayStation video game console. You can also look for Need for Speed hints and tips, and submit your own. For more PS1 cheats look at the PS1 Cheats index, featuring hundreds of games.

Adjust Car Weight

Enter TSYBNS at the password screen. At the Car Selection screen, pick "Car Showcase," "Mechanical," and "Next Slide." Press R1 to add weight to the back of the car and L1 to add weight to the front of the car. The red triangles indicate the amount of wei

All Tracks and Warrior Car

Enter MQKZCL as a password in One-player Tournament mode.

Arcade Mode

Enter TSYBNS as a password. At the Lap Selection menu, hold L1 + R1 and "Arcade Mode" becomes an option.

Desert Springs Tracks

Enter TSYBNS as a password. Highlight the Rusty Springs track and hold L1 + R1. The Rusty Springs track changes to the Desert Springs track.

Full Screen Mode

Hold Down when the lights begin the countdown. The gauges disappear if you did it correctly. Hold Down again to make the gauges reappear.

Lost Vegas and Lost Rally Tracks

Enter TSYBNS as a password. "Lost Vegas" appears as an option at the Track Selection screen. Press L1 + R1 while the Lost Vegas track is highlighted in Two-player mode to change Lost Vegas to the Lost Rally track.

Lunar Springs Track

Enter MQKZCL as a password in One-player Tournament mode. Press Square to exit Tournament mode. Enter a One-player or Two-player mode. Highlight the Rusty Springs tracks. Hold Triangle + L1 + R1 to change it to the Lunar Springs.

Machine Guns

Enter Head-to-Head mode. After you choose your opponent's car, immediately hold Up-Left + L1 + Square + Circle until the race begins.

No Mercy Mode

Enter a two-player game. Press L1 + R1 at the Head-to-Head Selection screen. This omits oncoming traffic.

Recover Quick After Crash

Repeatedly press L1 + R1.
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