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Persona Cheats - PS1

Cheats and secrets for Persona on PS1.


The following cheats, codes and secrets are available for Persona on the PlayStation video game console. You can also look for Persona hints and tips, and submit your own. For more PS1 cheats look at the PS1 Cheats index, featuring hundreds of games.

Get Chris to Join You

First, talk to the teacher in the room north of the entrance. Second, search all the rooms on the second floor. Third, talk to the students in room 2-1. Fourth, head to the casino on Joy Street and talk to everyone there. Fifth, visit the abandoned factor

Get the Best Ending

When you talk to Mae in the Lost Forest, Mae says,"If I stay here I'll be safe, right?" Respond with,"Stop!" She says,"Why do you fight?" Answer with,"For everyone." She says,"Why must you live?" Respond with,"For finding the answer."
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