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Fight Night Round 3 Cheats and Secrets - Sony PSP

Cheats, secrets, and hints for Fight Night Round 3 on the PSP



Better Stats Trick

Because Fight Night Round 3 is one of the few games on the Sony PSP that loads quickly, you can use this to your advantage to increase your stats quicker.

    First, sign a contract for a fight, then train aggressively. Choose one of the training areas (Power, Speed, or Balance) and continue. Now the game will display the stats of your boxer, either going up or down. If they go up you are good to go, however if they go down press Home on the PSP to return to the main screen.

Continue doing this everytime you sign a new contract, there is no point in accepting lowered stats for your boxer.

Fight Night Round 3 PSP hint submitted by Brooke K, PA.

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