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Spider-Man 2 Cheat Codes - Sony PSP

Use these cheats and codes for Spider-Man 2 on the PSP


Cheat Codes

Cheats for Spider-Man 2 on the Sony PSP are entered at the cheats menu.

You can gain access to the cheats menu by navigating there in the game via this method: Options > Special > Cheats.

Here is a list of available codes for Spider-Man 2:

    Enemies Have Big Heads And Feet
    Cheat code: BAHLOONIE

    Infinite Webbing
    Cheat code: FILLMEUP

    Unlock Storyboard Viewer
    Cheat code: FRZFRAME

    Big Head and Feet for Spidey
    Cheat code: HEAVYHEAD

    All Moves Purchased
    Cheat code: MYHERO

    Infinite Health
    Cheat code: NERGETS

    All Movies Unlocked
    Cheat code: POPPYCORN

    Unlock All Production Art
    Cheat code: SHUTT

    Tiny Spider-Man
    Cheat code: SPIDEYMAN

    All Levels Unlocked
    Cheat code: WARPULON

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