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Grand Theft Auto Cheats, Codes, and Downloads

Get the most out of Grand Theft Auto with these cheats, codes, and downloads.


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It's no secret that the Grand Theft Auto series has been a huge success among gamers, and no matter how hard attorny Jack Thompson huffs and puffs about violence in video games the series will continue to do well. Like myself, some gamers may find themselves in a bit of a lull right now, with video game releases being a bit far in between at the moment.

I suggest doing what I am doing, taking some of the old Grand Theft Auto games off the shelf and popping them back in the consoles and PC. To have some extra fun, take a look at all the great cheats and codes available for the GTA series of games:

Grand Theft Auto PC Cheats

Grand Theft Auto PS2 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto Xbox Cheats

Grand Theft Auto PSP Cheats

Grand Theft Auto Gameboy Cheats

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod

There are more Grand Theft Auto cheats on site but I have limited this list to the most popular ones. You can get the rest through the main cheat code index sorted by platform.

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