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Top 10 DOOM Cheat Codes - Cheats for the popular DOOM video games


The DOOM video game series has been a staple for first person shooter fans, and remains one of the most successful and most talked about video games to date.

Listed below are cheat codes for all of the popular DOOM video games, on PC, consoles, and handheld video game systems.

In the video game industry, some of these cheats are considered classics, but you won't know the difference as you blast through the levels with the BFG and God mode!

1. DOOM 3 Ressurrection of Evil Cheat Codes - PC

These cheats are for the latest, and perhaps most popular expansion the DOOM video games have seen, DOOM 3: Ressurrection of Evil on the PC gaming platform.

2. DOOM 3 Ressurrection of Evil Cheat Codes - Xbox

Similar to the PC version of this expansion, the Xbox version of DOOM 3 Ressurrection of Evil added many multi-player enhancements to the game, and the cheats are still just as good as they were on the original.

3. DOOM 3 Cheat Codes - PC

In DOOM 3 on the PC, players can use cheats to activate God mode, skip levels, spawn various enemies, grab the BFG (which, in case you didn't know is about the baddest gun available), skip to the last level, walk through walls, and kill all enemies. Not sure why anyone would use the last one, as it ruins all the fun, but hey, who am I to pass judgment? We're in Hell anyhow... in the game.

4. DOOM 3 Cheat Codes - Xbox

I remember when DOOM 3 came out for the Xbox, and while I never actually used the cheats aside to test them out, it's was about the most fun I had in a long time on the Xbox. DOOM 3 to me seemed a bit dark on the Xbox, but it looks fantastic and plays great, and I think in the end the increased darkness only added to the game.

On to the cheats - you have all your standards here, God mode, Invisibility, Light Goggles, Berserk Mode, All weapons, etc.

5. DOOM 2 Cheat Codes - PC

DOOM 2 is the game that really made DOOM a classic, especially incorporating classic Wolfenstien 3D levels into it. The cheats for the game give you access to everything, and as with most DOOM game, they just make DOOM 2 more fun once you've completed the game.

6. DOOM 2 Cheat Codes - Gameboy Advance

Now why would I list a handheld version of DOOM on the top ten list? Well, it isn't that it necessarily better than other versions, but it's accessible to more people these days. Not many of us still have a SNES laying around. The codes for DOOM 2 on the Gameboy Advance are a bit limited, but you do get God mode, Night vision, full health and weapons, and an automap among others.

7. DOOM Cheat Codes - PC

Ahh, here we are, the original DOOM on the PC. What a masterpiece for its time. This is the game that most gamers remembers playing and saying, wow, PC are cool! The cheats are exactly what you have become accustomed to, even in the first DOOM!

8. DOOM Collector's Edition Cheats - PC [Final DOOM, Ultimate DOOM]

The cheats listed here will work for DOOM Collector's Edition, Ultimate DOOM, and Final DOOM on the PC. Depending which version you happen to have laying around, or collecting dust, you might want to wipe it off and get playing.

9. DOOM Cheat Codes - Gameboy Advance

It's DOOM on the GBA again, actually, this was the first DOOM on GBA, but who's keeping track really. All standard cheats here; God mode, level warps, berserk mode, all weapons and more.

10. DOOM Special PlayStation Edition Cheat Codes - PlayStation

Yep, there was a DOOM on the PlayStation, and while it didn't have the best cheat codes of all time, it does have codes to become all powerful, get lots of goodies (in the form of weapons and power ups, and activate the full map. Not many people still have this version of the game, but if you have it, here are the codes.

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