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Alan Wake Cheats - Xbox 360

Cheats, codes, and secrets for Alan Wake on the Xbox 360.


Cheat Codes

There are currently no cheats for Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 listed in our database. If you think we may have missed one please let us know and we will add it to this page.

Hints and Tips

To view any available hints, tips, tricks, or secrets for Alan Wake please visit the Alan Wake Hints and Tips page. The linked page lists any available information as well as an area where you can share your Alan Wake strategies with the rest of the gaming community.


The following items and gameplay modes can be unlocked in the Xbox 360 version of Alan Wake.

Unlock Nightmare Mode
Complete the game on any difficulty level to unlock Nightmare mode. Nightmare mode adds another level of difficulty to the gameplay as well as additional manuscript pages to collect.

Avatar Jacket and Scarf (both male and female)
Play the Limited Collector's Edition bonus disc to unlock these items for your avatar.


The following achievements can be unlocked in Alan Wake on the Xbox 360. To unlock an achievement and/or any related gamerscore points simply complete the indicated task from the list below.

Alan, Wake Up (50 GS points).
Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

An Idyllic Small Town (30 GS points).
Make it through "Night Falls in Bright Falls" in one go without dying or restarting even once.

Back! Back, I Say! (10 GS points).
Save yourself with a flare.

Boob Tube (5 GS points).
See what's on TV.

Bright Falls Aficionado (30 GS points).
Absorb every bit of local history and culture.

Bright Falls' Finest (20 GS points).
Call for help.

Carny (10 GS points).
Knock over five can pyramids.

Child of the Elder God (10 GS points).
Have a rock'n'roll moment without dropping to a low health state.

Collateral Carnage (20 GS points).
Defeat 20 Taken with indirect means.

Collector's Edition (50 GS points).
Find all of the manuscript pages in the game, including the ones in Nightmare mode.

Come One, Come All (10 GS points).
Kill four Taken with a single shot from the flaregun.

Couch Potato (30 GS points).
Watch every single TV show.

Damn Good Cup of Coffee (20 GS points).
Discover 25 coffee thermoses.

Departure (40 GS points).
Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

Drink 'Em Both Up (10 GS points).
Put de lime in de coconut twice.

Energized! (10 GS points).
Use 100 batteries.

Every Nook and Cranny (30 GS points).
Discover all of the hidden chests.

Finders Keepers (20 GS points).
Discover 5 hidden chests.

Float Like a Butterfly (15 GS points).
Perform a cinematic dodge.

Follow the Light (10 GS points).
Take a night course of light education.

Gatekeeper (10 GS points).
Cut the power to the transformer yard.

Gunless Wonder (30 GS points).
Make it to Cauldron Lake without firing a single shot in "On the Road to Cauldron Lake.".

Hardboiled Writer (40 GS points).
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

Heavy Metal (10 GS points).
Survive the bulldozer attack.

Hypercaffeinated (30 GS points).
Discover all coffee thermoses.

If It Flies, It Burns (20 GS points).
Burn 1,000 birds.

Iron Horse (10 GS points).
Encounter a steam engine.

It's Not Just a Typewriter Brand (20 GS points).
Defeat 50 Taken with a shotgun.

KBF-FM (30 GS points).
Listen to all of the radio shows.

Let There Be Light (10 GS points).
Get a generator running.

Medical Opinions (10 GS points).
Listen to Hartman's recordings.

Meet the Deadline (30 GS points).
In "Mirror Peak," make it from the Coal Mine Museum to Cauldron Lake in 30 minutes.

Missed by a Mile (25 GS points).
Perform a cinematic dodge 20 times.

Nordic Walking (10 GS points).
Take a walk through the logging area, meet one of the quirky locals.

Paging Mr. Wake (20 GS points).
Find 25 manuscript pages.

Park Ranger (15 GS points).
Enjoy the sounds and sights of Elderwood National Park.

Perchance to Dream (20 GS points).
Take a moment to reflect on past events.

Picking Up After Yourself (30 GS points).
Find all of the manuscript pages in Normal mode.

Right of Way (10 GS points).
Drive over 15 Taken.

Sound and Fury (10 GS points).
Kill four Taken with a single flashbang.

Taken Season (20 GS points).
Defeat 50 Taken with the hunting rifle.

The Lady of the Light (20 GS points).
Discover the secret she guards.

The Six-Gun Scribe (20 GS points).
Defeat 100 Taken with the revolver.

They're Heeeeeere! (20 GS points).
Inanimate objects shouldn't move of their own accord. Put a stop to this affront, oh, say, 20 times.

Thunder and Lightning (20 GS points).
Defeat 50 Taken with flashbang grenades.

Tornado Wrangler (20 GS points).
Defeat the tornado.

Two For the Price of One (10 GS points).
Kill two Taken with a single shotgun blast.

Under a Thin Layer of Skin (10 GS points).
Defy the park ranger.

What Light Through Yonder Window (20 GS points).
Defeat 50 Taken with the flaregun, the way Shakespeare intended.

Wheels Within Wheels (20 GS points).
Meet the kidnapper.

About Alan Wake

Bringing a new style of storytelling to Xbox 360, "Alan Wake" is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the renowned developers of the successful "Max Payne" series.

In this dynamic new title exclusively for Xbox 360, players assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author suffering from writer's block, who escapes to a small town only to experience the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

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