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Flatout: Ultimate Carnage Cheats - Xbox 360

Cheats, codes, and secrets for Flatout: Ultimate Carnage on the Xbox 360.


Cheat Codes

The following cheats are available for Flatout: Ultimate Carnage on the Xbox 360 video game console.

Cheats for Flatout: Ultimate Carnage are entered as passwords within the game's menu system.

From the main menu select Extras, the choose Enter Code, and enter one of the following cheat codes.

Cheat code: RUTTO

Mob Car
Cheat code: BIGTRUCK

Rocket Car
Cheat code: KALJAKOPPA


The following achievements can be unlocked in Flatout: Ultimate Carnage on the Xbox 360 video game console. Achievements are unlocked by performing indicated tasks from the list below. Once you have completed the task you will unlock the achievement and any gamerscore points associated with it.

Bang'n'Slam (10 points)
Get 5 Slams in one race.

Bomb Car Racer (20 points)
Complete all Beat the Bomb's in Carnage Mode with all gold.

Burnin' Up (20 points)
Burn nitro continuously for at least 10 seconds in a normal race.

Car Rental Service (40 points)
Own at least 6 vehicles at the same time.

Carnage Master (30 points)
Complete Carnage Mode.

Carnage Wizard (40 points)
Complete Carnage Mode with all gold.

Crashman Returns (30 points)
Win all Bonus Race Single Events with the Flatmobile.

Derby Expert (20 points)
Complete all derbies in FlatOut Mode with all gold.

Elite Stuntman (20 points)
Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with all gold.

First Blood (15 points)
Wreck an opponent's car in Carnage or normal race.

Fragman (20 points)
Complete all the Deathmatch Derbies in Carnage Mode with all gold.

Fragmaster Live (20 points)
Get a frag streak of 5 or more in an online Deathmatch Derby.

Give Me Glory (20 points)
Get 1 million points in the Carnage Mode.

Go That Extra Mile (40 points)
Drive a total distance of 1001 miles.

Holy Slammaster (15 points)
Get 100 Slam crash bonuses.

Hostmaster (10 points)
Host 10 online matches.

Insane Air (20 points)
Jump at least 10m high with your car on a Carnage or normal Race.

Keep on Truckin' (15 points)
Win 15 Derbies.

Lightning Fast (15 points)
Get the fastest lap of the race in 50 races.

Live Ammunition (30 points)
Wreck 10 opponents in online races.

Live to Crash (25 points)
Wreck 3 or more opponents in the same online race (normal or Head-On).

Live to Race Clean (25 points)
Complete an online Race without crashing into anyone, and without ragdolling at all.

Master Stuntman (15 points)
Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with silver or better.

Master Trucker (10 points)
Win a Head On or normal race with the Truck.

On a Roll (20 points)
Complete your first class in the FlatOut Mode.

Online Derby Pro (20 points)
Win 20 ranked online Derbies.

Online Derby Veteran (10 points)
Win 10 online Derbies.

Online Race Pro (20 points)
Win 25 ranked online Races.

Online Race Veteran (10 points)
Win 10 online Races.

Online Stunt Pro (20 points)
Win 30 ranked online ragdoll Stunts.

Online Stunt Veteran (10 points)
Win 10 online ragdoll Stunts.

Perseverance (10 points)
Frustration! You know all about it, but you still persist, never giving up.

Pro Racer (20 points)
Complete all Time Trials in FlatOut Mode with all gold.

Pro Tuner (25 points)
Own a fully upgraded Street class car in FlatOut Mode.

Race Master (30 points)
Complete FlatOut Mode.

Race Wizard (50 points)
Complete FlatOut Mode with all gold in all cups and events.

Real Habanero (60 points)
Win Derby class in Flatout Mode (all cups gold) with an unupgraded Chili.

Schoolmaster (15 points)
Be the best wrecker in 50 races.

That's a Start (10 points)
Now that's a start! You've completed your first cup in FlatOut Mode.

Total Domination (30 points)
Achieve all 4 "Top Driver" awards in one race and win the race.

Used Car Salesman (35 points)
Sell 10 cars.

Windshield Breaker (15 points)
Get 30 Crash-Out crash bonuses.

Windshield Tester (15 points)
Get 10 Crash-Out bonuses

It appears that we are missing a couple of this game's achievements. If you have details regarding the missing ones please let us know and we will update this page.

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