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Fallout 3 Achievements Guide - How to get them all!

Use this guide to earn every Fallout 3 achievement on PC and Xbox 360.


Learn How To Unlock Every Achievement in Fallout 3 on PC and Xbox 360

Use this guide to get every achievement in Fallout 3. This guide can be used in conjunction with the Fallout 3 PC cheats.

This guide was written by Kenneth Stubbs, aka OmegaMustard, and has been published here with his permission. I personally found this guide to be very useful. Special thanks to Kenneth Stubbs for allowing me to share this guide with you. For more info on Kenneth you can visit his site.

Fallout 3 Achievements Guide

This guide can be used for the Xbox 360 version of Fallout 3 as well as the PC Windows For Live Version. (For the PC version, you must enter the code that came with the game in order to gain achievements.) This guide does contain spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT!

I. Recommended Stats in Certain Skills

The Achievements

Learn how to unlock the following achievements here.
A. Vault 101 Citizenship Award
B. The G.O.A.T. Whisperer
C. Escape!
D. The Power of the Atom
E. The Wasteland Survival Guide

Learn how to unlock the following achievements here.
F. Following in His Footsteps
G. Galaxy News Radio
H. Scientific Pursuits
I. Tranquility Lane
J. The Replicated Man
K. The Waters of Life
L. Trouble on the Homefront
M. Strictly Business

Learn how to unlock the following achievements here.
N. Rescue from Paradise
O. Big Trouble in Big Town
P. Picking up the Trail
Q. Finding the Garden of Eden
R. Blood Ties
S. Tenpenny Tower
T. Oasis
U. The Superhuman Gambit

Learn how to unlock the following achievements here.
V. You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
W. Reilly's Rangers
X. Head of State
Y. Stealing Independence
Z. Those!
AA. Agatha's Song
AB. The Nuka-Cola Challenge
AC. The American Dream

Learn how to unlock the following achievements here.
AD. Take it Back!
AE. Slayer of Beasts
AF. Doesn't Play Well with Others
AG. Weaponsmith
AH. Psychotic Prankster
AI. Keys are for Cowards

Learn how to unlock the following achievements here.
AJ. Data Miner
AK. Silver-Tongued Devil
AL. One-Man Scouting Party
AM. The Bigger They Are
AN. Protector
AO. Mercenary
AP. Reaver
AQ. Ambassador of Peace
AR. Pinnacle of Survival
AS. Harbinger of War
AT. Last, Best Hope of Humanity
AU. Paradigm of Humanity
AV. Scourge of Humanity
AW. Yes I play with dolls

Learn how to unlock Vault-Tec CEO: Bobblehead Locations
AX. Vault-Tec C.E.O.

Downloadable Content Achievements

Operation: Anchorage Pack
Learn how to unlock all Operation Anchorage achievements here.

AY. Aiding the Outcasts
AZ. The Guns of Anchorage
BA. Paving the Way
BB. Operation: Anchorage

The Pitt Pack
Learn how to unlock all The Pitt Pack achievements here.

BC. Into The Pitt
BD. Unsafe Working Conditions
BE. Free Labor
BF. Mill Worker

Broken Steel Pack
Learn how to unlock all Broken Steel Pack achievements here.

BG. Death From Above
BH. Shock Value
BI. Who Dares Wins
BJ. Devil
BK. True Mortal
BL. Messiah

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