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Oblivion tips from gamers

Use these tips, tricks, and glitches for Oblivion X 360 from other gamers.


Oblivion Hints and Tips

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Oblivion Tips and Glitches

Unlimited Gold from Count of Skingrad
When you complete the Cure fo Vampirism quest, go to the Count of Skingrad for your reward. After the Countess is laid to rest, you are asked to go to to County Hall to wait for the count to meet you there and reward you. After he arrives, he will walk over to you and start talking. When he's finished, ask him about your reward. He will give you 2500 gold. Keep on asking him for the reward, and he will keep on shelling out 2500.

I got up to a little over 10 million gold using this cheat, only stopping to go to work. I have no idea how high you can go, but 10 million must have taken me a good hour.

(IMPORTANT!: This cheat only works just after the Count meets you in the county hall after talking to the Argonian that serves him. If the Count goes up to his room, you cant scam any more gold from him, so dont close the conversation box until you have all of the gold that you want!)
Submitted by: Nick M.

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